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Cerazette and irregular bleeding - how long does it last?


Hey all, I’m now into my third packet of cerazette after being put on it after excision surgery to prevent endo building up again. Three packets in and I am still experiencing bleeding every 2 weeks or so for 2 or 3 days. It’s very light bleeding and MUCH less painful than when I was on microgynon so I definitely prefer this pill for my endo symptons and mental health (microgynon was making me very anxious/depressed), but the irregular bleeding is pretty annoying. I heard it’s quite normal for the first few months of taking it until your body regulates itself, but just wondered if anyone else had this experience when they switched to cerazette and how long it lasted? Have your periods stopped now? I’m really hoping mine stop soon!

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I have had a bunch of different mini pills. The current one I am on (desogestrel as my GP only prescribes generics) took a while to start settle down. I had random spotting and some "periods" despite it being taken constantly. After 3 months I started to get spotting for a few days at a time but no breakthrough spotting; I used the Clue app to track things and could see everything getting further apart. I have had nothing since January this year which would be about 6 months after I started taking it.

Hey, thanks so much for your reply! That’s great you haven’t had a period in 6 months! I haven’t had one now for 4 full weeks so fingers crossed it’s starting to work for me too!

I'm on my third pack of cerazette too and have pretty much been bleeding lightly non stop since I started them, but had been bleeding the same on cilest too. My gp said it can be 3-6 months until they settle so I'm giving it a chance x

Hey Helephant, thanks for your reply! That’s good to know it takes 3-6 months to settle. I’m now finishing my third packet and haven’t had a period or spotting for about a month so I’m hoping it’s beginning to work! Hope yours settles soon too xx

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