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Diet changes


I have decided to try on the Candida diet. I took a food intollerance test and one of my intolerances is wheat/yeast. About two weeks before deciding to have an intollerance test my periods have been fine but I was being sick a lot and getting some really awful migraines. Since I’ve started cutting out a lot of wheat type foods I’ve been feeling miles better but not sure if I’m cutting out too much as I’ve been also feeling exhausted all the time and no energy to do anything. I live quite a busy lifestyle during the week so I don’t have a choice when I feel tired. I see clients on Mondays and I can’t be falling asleep obviously so I try to keep my energies up by blinking a lot and having sips of water to keep me awake.

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I've done the candida diet and quite a few elimination and gut healing diets. It's really important to make sure you still eat enough calories and you're still having a nutritious and varied diet. If you're not sure, you could try the my fitness pall app for a couple of days to track your calories and make sure you're eating enough.

Another thing to think about is that if you do have a candida overgrowth or any other gut issue, you're likely to be eliminating a lot of toxins and your body will be trying to heal. This is tiring. It's really important you have plenty of proper rest, get to bed as early as you can. Also drink insane amounts of water, your body will need more than normal. Are you taking any supplements? I remember my to take high strength probiotics and vitamins. I had a tough time with the healing part, your body can do some weird things!

I'd also be careful about any exercise. Definitely keep your body moving, go for walks etc but I would be careful about doing anything strenuous.

I did the candida diet about 13 years ago and it completely cured my ibs. My digestion has never gone back to how it used to be (it was awful!). I've kept my diet healthy but I did go back to regular eating. You've got to do it gradually though, don't just celebrate it being over by gorging on cake, you'll be really ill. When my endo symptoms started 4 years ago, I thought I was the ibs returning and did some extreme gut healing diets but they didn't make any difference.

Good luck with it!

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