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Endo diet

Morning ladies, I'm at the start of a diet overhaul to try and manage the evil that is endometriosis. I'm not doing the complete diet but cutting out dairy, bread and as much rubbish as I can resist. Have any of you tried it and how did it go?

I keep telling myself if I was diagnosed with diabetes I would change my diet to save my live, just hoping having this mentality will help me through.

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Not tried it for endo but I eat very limited dairy - the odd bit of lactose free cheese and maybe a cheesecake on a special occasion! I had to go wheat free for a month as part of the colo-rectal investigations I have had and that coincided with the worst month of pain I have had - 2 A&E visits. It was also a nightmare as wheat free pasta is icky as is the bread. All the colo-rectal investigations have come back clear.

All I can say is that I need to keep things moving so use Laxido every other day as if I get problems and my bowel needs to work hard then I go into spasms everywhere! Fruit tends to make me have stomach ache so I tend towards dried fruit, smoothies, salads and then sneak loads of peppers and onions into tomato based pasta or curry sauces to keep the healthiness up. I try to eat healthy for most of the week

In all honesty I don't eat much and since starting with loads of pain that is now thought to be endo/adeno I have lost loads of weight and sometimes I do just have to eat what I fancy - had chicken dippers and mini waffles for tea last night!



The endo diet recommends you cut out wheat. Wheat is in everything pasta, sausages, pate, beer loads more (see allergyuk.org/common-food-i... ) so cutting out bread from your diet wont necessarily help.

I cut wheat/soya/barley/rye and it dramatically reduced my symptoms, it helped that I was diagnosed with intolerances to these things. It's all trial and error to see what works best for you. It's been really hard for me and I occasionally have a lapse I could probably have small amount of wheat now and then but choose not to.

Good luck x


Hiya, I have tried the endometriosis diet before and seen a nutritionist who was a specialist in the endometriosis diet and got advice about what to eat to improve my symptoms. I was never completely sure if cutting out wheat and dairy actually helped and some things she advised actually made my symptoms worse. I also found that i lost a lot of weight, i lost a stone and this was worrying as i am quite slim anyway so losing weight was not needed.

I have begun eating dairy again but i don't eat small amounts as i am lactose intolerant. I have some wheat but i don't have a lot of wheat anymore as i was previously told i had IBS and i find too much bloats me and blocks me up. I have also stopped having caffeine and don't drink much alcohol anymore, and have significantly upped my intake of vegetables and fruits and have more fish, especially oily fish to get omega 3's in my system. I feel better for it generally but I didn't notice my endo symptoms improving. I think it is a case of listening to your body and cutting out things that may be causing you problems or that are not good for your health anyway and increasing the intake of things that are beneficial as this will improve your overall health anyway.

I don't believe it is about just cutting things out but also about what you introduce such as vitamins and supplements. It is not a easy thing to do as as said by another lady if you want to go wheat/gluten free you will find that wheat/gluten is in everything and eating out in restaurants will be a bit difficult and wheat/gluten free stuff is a lot more expensive.

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Deffo give the endo diet a go. Give it a chance to work, at least 3 months as you may feel worse to start with. The endo feeds off eostrogen and loves all sorts of other things that become sugar once you've eaten them. I have been using diet to control my endo for over 20 years and I have been med-free for most of those.

Some things are trial and error, so they may or may not work for you, every endo is different. I cut out bread, yeast, rice, pasta, limit potatoes, no SOY as it feeds endometriosis, limit sugar, no alcohol (sorry), no red meat in any form, no dairy (but try goat and sheep cheeses to see if there are any you like, if you want)

Raw & Simple and Honestly Healtyh are fab cook books to find tasty good recipes.

I can't recommend the diet highly enough, even from just a normal health point of view as I have seen what it does, not just for me. But you will have to be strict with yourself to start with if you want to see if it truly works for you. If you are half-hearted about it, expect half-hearted results. For me, the tablets and procedures made my endo, general health and mindset worse, so this was my only option. I did see a naturopath who helped too, plus discovered some foods that my body had trouble with, in addition to the endo.

My diet is now 75% good stuff/25% bad stuff. If I feel ropey, I change what I am eating for a couple of weeks. I'll still eat cheesecake and chocolate, if I fancy it. I just make sure it's the healthiest versions.

Hope that the diet option works for you too.

(This site indicated that you were within 3 miles of me, so if you want to chat and are indeed on IOM, feel free.)

Madmaud x

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Thanks so much for your reply, I do indeed live on the Isle of Man so maybe a catch would be fab. I'm going in for a second surgery so want to try and gain control. Sounds like it's worked great for you, I will need a lot of will power :)


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