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hi guys my name is Alice i got diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and have been trying for a baby with my husband for nearly two years, have had an op . I am trying to find out if anyone has a certain diet they are doing which helps with symptoms?i have started cutting out wheat, dairy , reduced my alcohol down a lot as well coffee. Any Advise would be grateful. thanks

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I find fish helps a lot I'm eating cod, shrimp, tuna, and salmon b/c they contain omega 3's.


I'm in the same position, but decided that the 'endo diet' would make me the most miserable person ever which would not be conducive to falling pregnant! I've gone for a more balanced diet introduced more fish and fruit and veg, cut down red meat and alcohol and aiming to manage my stress levels though yoga, Pilates and have got my crochet back out after a few years!

It's hard not to feel under pressure when your told 'the next 6months is your best time to conceive'! at least before the lap I could chill out knowing that there was a reason behind things and that if it happens it happens.

Good luck! x


You should also cut out processed food as much as possible. Sugar is one of the major triggers of endo pain. I recently started using vitex fruit alongside raw garlic and noticed remarkable improvement as I have less period and ovulation pains.


Thank you all x



I haven't read all the replies but I can't recommend slimming world enough. I attend one near me and it's great. You eat loads and still shed the lbs. I'm aiming for my 2.5 stone.

Hope that helps x


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