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Hi All,

Haven't posted since in a while but I've had some very positive results that I want to share.

Around 2 months ago, I read a lot of blogs/websites on the improvements changing your diet and cutting certain things out had on Endometriosis and it's symptoms.

For the first few weeks I tried cutting everything out (gluten/dairy/caffeine/sugar) but found this really difficult and expensive! Plus I love cheese, butter and eggs!

So I did some more reading and found that meat contains hormones that I guess 'encourages' the growth of Endometriosis and it's symptoms (along with other food). I also watched a YouTube video called 'the greatest speech you will ever hear' and it's all about being Vegan. This truly inspired me to become a Vegetarian for more than just health reasons. I'm not Vegan, I do still have some dairy but ensure that it is free range/organic.

So I'm now on a vegetarian diet, no meat! I haven't always been a huge meat eater so I'm not missing it all that much. I'm still avoiding caffeine, along with no sugar in my decaf tea or coffee and trying whenever possible to have a milk alternative (at present, almond milk). I love coconut milk on my weetabix with banana and honey in the morning, but for me it doesn't taste so good in tea/coffee) I do notice a difference when I have fried food and this really aggravates my stomach so I'm trying to avoid that wherever possible, but who can resist the odd chip here and there. Everything in moderation.

So very much a plant based diet. And although I've only been doing this for 2 months now, my god the difference it has had! I'm sat at my desk AT WORK, on my period as I'm typing this! I don't remember the last time I came to work during my period, I'm normally bed bound and unable to move for 3-4 days, eating nothing but pain killers. All I have is a heat pad just to take the edge of the minimal ache I have. (Apologies for the amount of detail but I'm so shocked)

I feel so much healthier, I'm not as anxious, I leave the house most days not worrying about having a flare up.

I get that this might not work for everybody - we are all different in our own way and all at different stages of Endometriosis. But if you haven't already tried changing your diet, I would really recommend giving it a go.

I'm now hoping that this month, I will actually be able to try and conceive. Although, I'm still very nervous, I hope that the pain will be reduced and I will be able to have sex (it's been a longggg time) I'm sure some of you have been there.

I'm feeling really positive and I'm going to keep up being a Veggie to see if the results continue like they have so far.

I would love to hear of anyone else with similar stories, any other tips or if you're thinking about diet changes.

A x

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Sounds like a huge change! The only diet change I've made so far is cutting out bread as I found that really increased pain. Will try cutting down on meat and dairy now and will let you know how it goes! Thank you for sharing your advice!

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Hi Nina,

Thanks for reading my post. Yes, white bread I avoid at all costs! Wholemeal seems to be fine so long as I don't have it too often.

I hope this works for you as much as it has done for me. There are so many meat alternatives so I don't think anyone would struggle or feel that they are missing something on their dinner plate. I'd love to hear how you get on :)


Lovely to know that something is working for you. Thanks for the positivity & Good luck xx

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Thank you for sharing. I too am trying to change my diet, eating more fish than meat, and lots of fruit and veg. Keeping away from the sugar, and also artificial sugars. Early days yet, but giving it a go, in the hopes that it will help reduce the constant pain I am in. Good luck!!xxx

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Thanks for sharing! I had a similar experience. I too came off of dairy and gluten, and only consumed fish that was caught in the sea (not farmed). It was part of a diet given to me by Dian Shepperson Mills in England. She's great! It worked for a long time and only stopped when I stopped following it. I'm trying again!

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Thank you all for reading my post

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