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My period has stopped !- Endometriosis?


Hi everyone - I did write here a couple of times.

Eventually I’m going to have a surgery next week and I’m really worried ..( privately )

I’m going to take my case to the court as I was misdiagnosed many times..

My periods stopped now and I’m in so much pain !

Can anyone kindly let me know if it still could be an endometriosis even if my periods stopped !

Please advise me .

Thank you. Very much

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Hi Sofi,

It could still be Endo. I don't have periods really. I just bleed...all. the. Time. I am awaiting a lap to confirm my Endo but consultant says he's 99% sure that's what it is.

Talk to your consultant and tell them. They are the only ones who can confirm.

Good luck with the surgery. X

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