Endometriosis sympons when periods have stopped?


I saw my consultant this week as the pill she had prescribed for me was not effective in relieving my symptoms. I also have an IUD coil and between the two of them, I don't have periods any more. My consultant said it was very unusual for me to still being experiencing endometriosis symptoms if I wasn't bleeding and I was wondering if anybody else has had a similiar experience to this?

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Hi ther im going to say this straight out, ur dr obviously doesn't no much about Endo then of course u can still have symptoms on a period or not! I had the coil in for 4 months and had to have it out as it made my symptoms worse, how long have u had it in? X

It did worry me a little, especially since she's an endo specialist and has been so good so far! I've had the coil in for 6 months and have been taking various different contraceptive pills as well for the last couple of months. I tried prostap before that but had terrible side effects and still some pain. I'm trying a different contraceptive pill now (with the coil still in) but my doctor has said if this doesn't help then there's nothing else they can do for me.

Hi, I used to take a pill called cerazette and it stopped my bleeding but I still had cramps, pmt etc so I know what you mean!

There is always something u can try nxt hun maybe a second opinion is needed?? Where do u live if u don't mind me asking? U can put it in a message if u like xx

I don't mind you asking! I live in Birmingham

I still experience pain even when I take my contraceptive pill back to back without a break. I usually find that when I do have a break to have a period, and then take the pill continuously again, I will still experience endo pain that I usually get on my period, even though I haven't had one. I think my body must sometimes think I should be on my period even though my pill stops me from having one.

Hiya, I always get my endo pain after my period. I have bad period pains as well but the endo pain in completely different.

Thanks for your responses everyone, I'm really glad it's not just me - thought I was going a bit crazy!!

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