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Has my mire and coil stopped working



Haven't posted on here for some time, I don't think I have endo as Gyne won't do lap, but have got mirena coil in since 2015, and since last April have had monthly periods and recently have been getting heavier and extreme pelvic cramps.

Could this mean the coil has stopped working

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I am sorry you are going through this. I have the Mirena for endometriosis too I have heard that if it is used for endometriosis then it should only be kept in for 3 years as the hormone progesterone starts to run out.

I hope you start to feel better soon ❤️🌸

Hi, seems a bit too soon for it to run out but that must be possible. I’ve read that the dose gradually reduces over time so there is a point where it drops below what you need. For me that is about 3 years, but it must vary a bit.

The other possibility is that it’s faulty. My gynaecologist said very occasionally they are and he thought it’s worth changing before giving up, if it previously was working.

Have you checked it’s still there? You should be able to feel the threads.

I know someone whose coil just fell out. More likely if you’ve had kids and bleed heavily, I think.

I can't feel the threads, going to family planning clinic tomorrow - hoping to have it taken out

Fabbird in reply to rossemma1

Hi, if you can’t feel the threads you definitely need to get it checked. The family planning clinic is s good idea. Did they help?

One of mine went up inside my uterus so I couldn’t feel the threads. It didn’t cause me any particular problem but I needed to see a specialist to have it removed.

Have had the mirena removed today and am trying the implant in the arm

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