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First gyne now being sent for a colposcopy



I'm new here I had my first gynecology appointment today with an endometriosis specialist (BSGE) Ive suffered for the last 14 years, I'm 28, and the pain is now basically daily which has pushed me too demanding a gynecology appointment even saw multiple peole in my gp surgery until i found one who agreed.

Anyway he asked some questions about what my pain is, where it is etc and if my smear is upto date i said it's due shortly but not had a letter yet. So he decided to do it as he was going to do an internal anyway, i agreed.

It was really painful. I've had one before but this was so much worse than before. My cervix bled on contact so he said he wants to urgently refer me to have a colposcopy even without the smear results. He also agreed to do the laproscopracy which I'm really happy about.

Has anyone else been referred for a colposcopy after seeing the gynecologist? What can i expect?



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I had the same! my cervix bled when they did an investigation with just a smear test - I had pain on my cervix (like needles) with intercourse plus spotting after.

I was sent for a colposcopy - it's similar to a smear, but rather than bringing my knees up lying on my back like a smear, they put my legs on stirrups things, most undignified! but they do cover you - it's uncomfortable, when they first have a look with the speculum as they need to inject local anaesthetic into the cervix, that's just a sharp pin feeling kind of thing. Then it goes numb and they keep checking every few minutes. Mine took 5 mins to go numb. Then they take the sample with a small scraper type thing, and done - that doesn't hurt. I spotted a bit for an hour or so after which was expected. I needed paracetamol for a day after as I had slight cramping; cervix healing.

My results came back with cervical ectropion; cells further up the cervix appear on the base, as these are more sensitive they bleed more and hurt, hence pain and bleeding during intercourse. They did the same as above and then just chemically removed it.

Thank you it sounds like what the gynae thinks mine might be. The local anaesthetic sounds good before the biopsy that was a bit i was worried aboit that if they decide to biopsy.

Just remember you can say stop at any point even if you don't feel discomfort - you really aren't liking it. If they don't offer it, you can ask for local anaesthetic.

Basically say you're happy for the biopsy but you want it to be comfortable otherwise you'll panic - often they'll then help you as they can't get into your vagina if you're stressed - think putting a tampon in when you're trying too hard lol!

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