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Large blood clots and very heavy bleeding

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I’m due to go for a laparoscopy next week and was wondering if anyone else had experienced heavy bleeding (to the point you bleed a lot in the shower or walking from the shower to the bedroom) and very large clots.

As I’m going for it next week don’t want to bother the doctor again but getting slightly worried.


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Hallo, yes I have. It was abnormal for me to have this much bleeding (even more so than my usual heavy bleeding).

Are you on your period at the moment, or did you start bleeding spontaneously?

I definitely suggest mentioning this, either to your GP or the surgeon before the op so they can try a smear, to rule out any other problems.

I just started bleeding spontaneously I only had my period 10 days ago. I’ll mention it to my surgeon I think, see what they say. Thank you for your comment.

Hi I had this 2yrs ago which was unusual for me as mine was mostly pain. My gyno took me in for a lap an I had a fibroid removed as well as endo apparently heavy bleeding is a symptom of fibroids. I was OK after lap I'm just glad I got it removed as my mum had one yrs ago an hers grew to big she had to have a hysterectomy

I have this with every period, my consultant said flooding is quite common with endometriosis x


Yes this happened to me as well several times-most embarrassing was walking to a table in the staff restaurant and clots fell and soiled the chair. Help the Gynae by telling all. Good Luck with your Lap x

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