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Painful bladder after sex


Hi All!

I'm after some advice.

I've never been diagnosed with endo as after 1 lap the consultant said he couldn't see anything, bladder and everywhere looked clear. Although during the internal scan he said my ovaries were immobile. However, I have a lot of the common symptoms of endo:

* v painful periods, and cycle 28 days or less

* back pain, leg pain (including feeling hot down thigh), hip pain during ovulation and period

* frequent urination and feelings of urgency - most disturbing is the painful bladder feeling after sex, burning soreness and increased frequency.

I've had 3 cystoscopies and all came back clear, so they say I don't have IC either but something is obviously not right! I'm thinking of asking for an MRI because the consultant said the endo could be hiding in muscle tissue in the uterus. I've also started getting shooting pains in my rectum around ovulation and my period, and one night it was so painful it woke me up.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and got a diagnosis? I used to be able to have sex without any issues but as I got older it has got worse. Does anyone take any medication for the painful sex part? I also get lots of pelvic cramps after sex although this is manageable compared to the awful bladder flares!

Thanks all and feel well xx

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