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Anyone else have any of these

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Hey, does anyone else have the following symptoms and have endo?

- Heavy, painful periods with clots

-Painful ovulation

-Painful sex (deep)

-Pain after sex and slight bleeding

-Constant heavy dull ache in my pubic bone area

-Severe bloating

-Painful internal exams (they make me cry)

-Pain in hips and lower back

-Pain after urinating especially in the morning and during period



-Periods of sadness


-Cramps up to 7 days before period

-Cramps after bowel movement during period sometimes

I have my lap tomorrow but was just wondering if anyone else has these symptoms and does it sound like endo?

15 Replies
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Sounds like endo to me. Only way to get a definitive diagnosis is your lap. Good luck with tomorrow. I hope you get some answers and make sure you take it easy after the op 😊 x

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Sounds a lot like endo to me. I get heavy clotty periods (they're horrid), internal exams can be painful (had my coil removed on thursday and the speculum hurt so much i went dizzy. only refused sedation as didn't want to go back on a different day), i get hip pain and back pain which isn't all related to endo but my back is always a lot worse before and during my period. my fatigue is terrible (before my lap i used to fall asleep during lectures), i have cramping before the period, and as far as sex goes i have cramping immediately after orgasm (probably TMI!)

best of luck with your lap tomorrow I hope you get some answers - and be kind to yourself after surgery! your incisions may only be small but internally you'll need to recover. xxx

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princessk09 in reply to h_grahh

Hey thank you, I forgot to add that I have to go for a wee so much atm even if I haven’t drank in a while or just have sip of water, I have to instantly go toilet (sorry tmi)

I don’t know if this is endo related or I just have a very tiny bladder xx

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h_grahh in reply to princessk09

I don't have bladder problems with my endo though it could be related - it's amazing what you think isn't that actually is! xx

Yes I have all of those except bleeding after sex.

My endo was treated in POD, uterosacral ligament and all over my rectum.

It definitely sounds like endo to me.

All the best tomorrow really hope you get your answers. ( not that I’d wish endo on anyone its horrible) xoxo

P.s have you looked into the anti inflammatory diet. It’s really helping my symptoms! xoxo

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Yeah but I’m a really picky eater haha and thank you for your post above. I feel so sick atm xx

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Good luck for today. ❤️I will be thinking of you. I really hope it all goes well. The hospital can send you home with stronger painkillers if you need them do ask if you are in need ( I came home with morphine this time.I think there was more endo to remove ) xoxo

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Thank you ❤️ xx

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Good luck with tomorrow! Sending positive vibes xx

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Thank you xx

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Good luck with lap today. It sounds like Endo from my experience x

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Good luck today x

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princessk09 in reply to LolaLo3

Thank you x

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I have

hip pain, in my right hip and it goes half way down my thigh,

I slightly bleed after sex but always have, I have been scrutinised down there and they say my cervix bleeds easily as I have cells that break, something like that and nothing to worry about,


Weight gain


And low in mood. I feel discusting

I have just had cramps after sex, my husband went deep, first time pain with coil, and I had it fitted in February. Getting it fitted was like labour pains, I have two children, I don't want anymore, and I am worried this coil is going to disappear or get stuck 🤪

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