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Two surgeries down and almost a year pain free it would seem my endo is back once more. Since my last op I have changed Drs due to relocating so I am experiencing a whole different method of dealing with the symptoms.

This time round I have been prescribed Amitriptyline to help with the pain. It is very early days so I am still reserving judgement on whether it actually does anything to help the pain but since taking them I have been experiencing excruciating pain down my shins.

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar? There is a whole book of side effects and it isn't explicitly mentioned in them but its all I can think of it being.

Thanks in advance

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Hi I hope you are ok amtripyline can take a while to start working i was on it for fibro myalgia and i also have endometriosis I didn't find it helped with the pain at all it made me tired if you are in severe pain i would go back to your gp me personally I don't think amtripyline is helpful for endometriosis in any way at all but I suppose it's different for everyone 💖xx

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Thank you for your response. I can't say I am sold on it myself and I take Citalopram for anxiety and depression also so I don't think the combo is doing me much good to be honest. Feel like a tetchy zombie most of the time! Perhaps I will just go back and ask for something different all together, just like to give these things a fair run before I go back to the drawing board!

Thanks again

I take 10mg which helps with the pain I was getting in my hips and down my legs. It's helped me massively as at one point I could barely walk. I'm not a massive pill taker and try not to take this all the time but I do notice it gets bad again if I stop it for a period of time. I think something's work for some people and not others x

Hi Beth!

I’ve been prescribed amitryptyline for many reasons. The first one was sleep and anxiety but I’m a complete insomniac so they may work about once a week, if that for my sleep.

Then when I was diagnosed with endo and fibro they wanted to keep me on them for help with the nerve endings and the pain. They do help me but only if I don’t take them everyday. Some weeks I won’t take any and then when I do they definitely help. It’s like littlebirdy said, same as myself, she tries not to take them all the time and that everyone is different. I’m prescribed 100mg daily but I never take it daily.

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced pain In my shins from it. As you said, the list of side effects, well, it’s bloody ridiculous! But a lot of Drs tend to fall back on amitrip because it’s one of the oldest drugs for pain and depression. I don’t know what mg you’re on hon but maybe try taking it every other day, or two days and then see if the problem with your shins continues. At least then you’ll know if it’s def the amitrip because it’s a pretty good tablet and I despise taking meds but these are great for me, as long as I don’t take them everyday. I hope you manage to get it sorted out! ❤️

Hi I take 40mg and it's the best painkiller I've ever taken. It really worked for me but it took a while.

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