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Looking for the above. Trying to stay positive for my surgery next week and hoping to get some long term relief xx

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The good news is that you could immediately feel better. And you will continue to feel better with recovery. The bad news, it still tends to return after 1-2 years regardless.


Good luck for your surgery! I had stage 4 endo removed 1.5 years ago and so far (fingers crossed) I'm fine. xxx


Thanks poppet. I know there are lots of women out there who have had long term relief from excision surgery- it’s just a case of finding them lol. The internet is such doom and gloom, im always on the scout for positive stories.

I’m very nervous about the surgery but just reminding myself a week today it will all be done and dusted and I’ll be ready to come home 🤞🏻 Xx

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I'm 11 weeks post excision surgery for stage 4 endo and I feel like a new person!!! I didn't quite realise how much pain I was in or what I considered to be normal until now as I'm not in any pain anymore. Just take the recovery easy and enjoy some 'you' time where you can watch your fav films and shows on Netflix or reading a few books.


That’s fantastic. Thanks lovely for replying! I’m expecting and hoping to also feel like a new person as bowel pain, uncomfortable sex, back pain, pelvic pain have been part of my life for so long. I haven’t known any other way for years! I know excision is the best so I’m hoping it gives the best outcome 🤞🏻. How long did you have to stay in hospital for? X


I stayed in for one night and had the best team of nurses looking after me. I almost had to stay another night but I was adamant I was going home haha!

Yeah you sound exactly the same as I used to be and honestly going from 100% pain to 0% is the best feeling in the world. I can't guarantee how long it will last but I'm going to enjoy every second :)

Any more questions just ask. I know how scary it is leading up to surgery and how many questions go round and round your mind! Xx


That’s abosutelty fantastic! Yes just enjoy everyday that’s all you can do.

I want to try for a baby after my lap which I’m nervous about (I’d stay on contraception forever if I could lol)!

I’ve got to stay in for 3 nights 😢. Will try and be a big, brave girl. My Husband has got a hotel nearby bless his heart, as the hospital is over an hour from our home x


Oh wow that's a long journey. You wont want to be doing that journey straight after surgery! I know what you mean, contraception has been a blessing but exciting news about trying for a baby! I will keep my fingers crossed for you xx


I hope I don’t have to suffering really bad with my cyist x


I had deep excision surgery November 2017, completely worth it!

Before the surgery I was in bed for a full year due to the pain and I was unable to walk as the endometriosis had grown into my ligaments and stuck organs together.

After 6 hours surgery I did feel completely tender and sleepy but the nurses were great and in less then 24 hours I was out of bed and walking!

Don’t get me wrong it was more of a shuffle and I wasn’t fit. I stayed in a hotel near the hospital for an extra 3/4 days as it was a long travel home.

I have got my life back thanks to the surgery, as I was just loosing weight and in awful pain before. It’s not lasted as long as I hoped, everyone is different. Some people don’t need it ever again. Other can go anywhere from 5-20+ years without having a problem.

I found out this month I come under the 5% where it has returned with a year. It’s nothing like it was before and I will never regret the surgery and can’t thank my surgeon enough! I have adhesions around my ovaries, they think it’s returned on my bowel/ bladder and found a suspected chocolate cyst in my right ovary. As well as a lot of fluid in my pelvis but since January I have had at least 2 ruptured cysts that I know of.

I have not been on any hormonal treatments after the op (such as the pill or prostap) as I felt my body needed a break, so that is a factor.

The specialist is keeping a close eye on it all, as having surgery again so soon would just cause more problems. I am on painkillers but cut down a lot compared to before the surgery and living a relatively normal life.

I hope the surgery goes well, sorry that i couldn’t tell you it won’t come back. But before my surgery I was wanting to know the same thing. The surgery was a life saver and made me feel normal again!

When recovering listen to your body, don’t push yourself.

All the best xx


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