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Mirena Coil Advice Please

Hi....I’m having my 2nd Laparoscopy next week and had my consenting meeting today. My consultant offered me the Mirena coil which I declined as I have heard horror stories from people who have tried it but they don’t have endo. What is everyone’s experience with this? Is it worth me giving it a try? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Annie! I have the Mirena and have done for 2 years after excision of endo.

I’ve had mixed experience. It didn’t help pain or bleeding initially and so I ended up on the decapeptyl injection. Since that has finished I’ve also tried the pill on top of the coil which didn’t stop the bleeding. Pain has subsided now, although I’m still bleeding every month and my cycles are still v erratic.

I also experience lots of pregnancy-type symptoms throughout each month and that is draining/confusing.

That being said - I know many people who swear by it!! So I think it’s all very subjective! I suppose you just need to try it and see how your body responds.

Sorry if this was an unhelpful response! Xx

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Thank you for your reply, this is the kind of thing that I’ve heard from those I know who have used it, although I see it helped the lady who posted below x


I’m on the road to diagnosis awaiting my first lap. I’ve had the mirena in for almost 8months. Like you I was skeptical but it has helped with lessening my period dramatically, I haven’t had a ‘proper’ period since. It’s not helped with pain/bowel/bladder issues. I would say try it. It’s a doddle to get out if it’s not for you. Not so comfortable going in though! Good luck-do what is right for you x

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Thank you for your reply. They are talking about putting it in while I’m under which is why I need to make the decision soon as I’ve heard it’s not nice being put in! It’s a shame it didn’t relieve all your symptoms x


Oh yeah, I’m having mine replaced while I’m under, but when I had it out it was a little cough and over. I would def have it while under given the opportunity!


I’m 20 and on my second Mirena coil.

I struggle badly with endo, and had the first coil put in when I was 16 at the same time as my first lap and endo surgery. I had it replaced in January when I had the surgery for the second time.

I think the coil is pretty rough for the first 3 -6 months, and actually my second coil is going MUCH more smoothly and without side effects than the first. But since the first 3-6 months, I haven’t had a period at all. This is a massive benefit for me because the 3 months or so leading up to my first Op saw me bleeding every day. I’m also much more mentally together. I used to get incredibly teary and fragile once a month or so but I don’t get any of that now - given, that could be because I don’t have a period now.

This is all written from the perspective of me not getting on with the pill/injections. They really messed with my head and heaviness of periods and it was during the fourth cycle of injections that I started bleeding continuously. They recommended the Mirena because it works locally, so is much more likely to stop/slow bleeding, and also potentially slow down the growth of my endo.

I wouldn’t say the coil is totally without its side effects. I do get contraction like pains, which were more frequent in the first year of my initial coil, but only occur once a month or so now. For me this is definitely worth it as they hang around for a day or so and then I’m all good.

I’d deffintiely give it some proper consideration. I was happy enough at the end of 4 years to have a second put in (I know this is early but I wanted it done at the same time as my surgery). I don’t think I’d have said the same during the first year, but perseverance really seems to have paid off and I wouldn’t dream of going back now.

Hope you get sorted! Any other questions feel more than free to ask ☺️ Xxx


Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. Sorry to hear you had a rough time with it to start with xx


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