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Desperate times

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So, I consider myself fairly intelligent person. However, on this particular occasion I perhaps wasn't the smartest person but it all happened because nothing was helping with my endo pain.

I've used heat patches since forever, and whilst I know they warn you not to put them directly onto the skin, I have often done so as I find they're just not effective enough otherwise and I've never had any problems. However, I used one today, the same type I used yesterday, and I've just taken it off to find its burnt my skin. It's not too painful at the moment, but it doesn't look particularly pleasant at all. I'm kicking myself now for doing it, but when you're in pain and no-one seems to be able to help you these are the sorts of things you resort to to try to relieve the pain. I'm just so surprised it's done so much damage - the patch wasn't even very hot, it was just warm:(

Of course, I may just now have a pain of a different kind...! But the point is, I know there isn't always an easy answer, but it's just so frustrating going to and from the doctors and just almost told to simply take painkillers and hope the pain goes away, nd 4 weeks later you're still suffering. This is what happens lol!

Rhia xxx

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I bought the heat gel which you can apply directly onto the skin with the same effect. Neurofeon used to sell heat pads that go directly onto the skin not seen them in ages dunno if they still sell them or just because I haven't been looking just for future reference

I understand. I’ve a stomach problem now from taking too many NSAIDs -can’t win but you do what you have to at the time. Do you have any sudo cream? that would help.

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