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Just wanting advice for my first gynaecology appointment :)

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Hey everyone,

So after years of problems and trips to the GP ive finally been referred to the endometriosis specialist in my area and after not really knowing much about endo my doctor told me to look into it a bit before I go to know what to expect! I'm so excited to finally get a few more answers after so long but looking into it was possibly the worst thing a big worry wort like me could've done. I have no clue what to expect at my first appointment with the gynocologist all I've been told is I have a 10 minute appointment with the actual doctor but to leave 2 hours incase I need to do an operation assessment and so all I'm doing is panicking.

So my question is can anyone give me any advice or tips on what to expect from only my first appointment??

(If it helps I've had an internal and external ultra sound all ready, as the doctor told me sometimes they do these at the hospital appointment but as I've had one they won't.)

Thank you so much!

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Hey, I’ve never heard of them doing a pre op assessment at the first gynae appointment as they tend to leave surgery for last resort.

Don’t worry, they will just ask you questions about your problems and lifestyle questions. They may do a pelvic exam, this isn’t very nice but it can help to feel where it is tender and stuff like that.

When I saw a private endo specialist, he knew straight where the endo was just by the pelvic exam and he was right as it showed up in surgery.

The gynae will probably suggest some sort of hormone treatment. I tried about 5 different ones before I had surgery as they weren’t working

If you have any questions or just want someone to talk to, I’m always here xxxx

Hi, ur first appt is to go thru the scans and see what stage it’s at. They will discuss a few options moving forward. Take notes of that so u can go back and research and make the right decision for u. Don’t worry. Just be calm and also, if u have anything u want to ask them that u thinking of now, make a list of questions cos it’s v easy to forget when u there.

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Hello Sophie2

We have lots of information on our website, including some information about what to expect when you see a specialist endometriosis-uk.org/seeing.... I hope you find this helpful

Lynne - Endometriosis UK

Hey I saw a general gynaecologist who tried to put me off surgery. He did a lap but missed the endo I was referred for a second opinion with an endo specialist and on my first appointment he went through my history and listed me for surgery there and then and I had it within 6 weeks. They usually try put you off surgery unless you’re having severe symptoms and you’ve already tried a number of pills (which I had that hadn’t worked) and if it’s limiting you, which it sounds like it is. I was sent straight down from the appointment for a pre op. I think it’s rare for that to happen but just in case it does happen to you I wanted to tell you my experience because I found it so overwhelming. It was so unexpected and a lot to take in from a first appointment. I know sometimes they do like to repeat scans etc, because if it’s a different hospital to where the scans have been done previously they might not have access to those notes, but my specialist never bothered with scans as they’re not really conclusive anyway. Hope this helps xx

Hi when I had my first gynae appointment they asked me about my symptoms, gave me an internal examination then once I was dressed the consultant spoke to me about their findings. The immediate response was surgery. I was shocked to say the least as I actually thought I was going to be given medication and told to go home. It really does seem to be different depending on age and symptoms when you look at other posts on here. I think if you are certain you want surgery etc you have to tell them, it’s your body and it’s you that’s suffering. Let us know how you get on at your appointment x

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