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Breakthrough bleed on pill, endo pain is back :( 2 months post surgery


So I’ve had a breakthrough bleed after missing one pill.. the pain is pretty bad like the endo pain :( I’m only 2 months post surgery I just feel disappointed. Had no pain on the pill and when not bleeding.

Just frustrated

I’m scared it’s growing back or Maybe this is normal..

Even if I wanted to get pregnant right now I couldn’t as zolodex is in my system still as my last one was 2 months ago..

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I was on cerazette after lap in March. Started bleeding for 15 days last month !!!! Went to GP and I have now started combined pill. To take it 3 months then 1 week break and so on. Fingers crossed it helps xx

Kate345 in reply to JenBrown1983

I might have to go on a difftent pill as this one I keep having the break through bleed :(

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