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How to know if it's blood in your urine or just your period?

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I know this may be a stupid question but every time I go for a pee on my period it's only ever red and doesn't even look like urine, obviously I know I'm bleeding cos of my period but it's like that from beginning to end even when I'm only bleeding light. I do have bladder symptoms like urgency to urinate, pressure before and pain afterwards and not been able to fully empty bladder. I suppose what I'm asking is if it's normal for urine to be completely red all the way through a period? Any advice would be great x

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Hey I have this issue and get confused over whether it’s in my urine or just period. I have the same bladder symptoms as you as well.

My doctor told me to try and like clean the area first and then go for a wee. I’ve never tried it as I have a heavy flow etc xx

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Even when I've just got out of the bath it's just as red and the area is obviously completely clean lol xx

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Haha it’s probably from your period then maybe xx

I do sometimes use tampons although I don't use them a lot due to them hurting but I still pee red?

I'm not sure but it's possible, it's the same when I get out of the bath or shower too so definitely no blood on my skin. I mentioned it at my appointment but obviously I couldn't be sure if it's in my urine as it only happens during my period

I have my first lap on Monday so hoping they'll check my bladder

Thank you ☺

Hi. All your symptoms do sound like you might have bladder endo but they will check your bladder, ureters etc during your lap x

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Ah I wasn't sure thanks ☺ x

Yes when i pee during period my Urine is red and dark and i have clots with it and i have stage 4 endometriosis

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lizzyxx in reply to Bdgjdjd

Do you have endo on your bladder if you don't mind me asking?

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Bdgjdjd in reply to lizzyxx

Yes the main reason or you can say it the (symptom ) I discovered that i have endometriosis i was suffering from pressure on my bladder and bowel i went to the doctor i said for him i feel my organs will fall from my body I cannot pee or even doing number 2 . peeing was more likely something impossible for me and another time i went to the emergency in order to pee i was crying and screaming and ask them to do anything for me help me to pee and the nurse suggested (Urinary catheterization )for me but I refused after that i had op and i got diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis i have it everywhere

If you see anyone has stage 4 endometriosis that means it has effected the bowels and the bladder it is very advanced stage

Ask the surgeon about the posibility the Endometriosis has infiltrated your bladder wall, to look for thid as it was suggested to you do to your pee'ing red issue.

Good luck with it all.

Helly xx

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