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Bowel prep in two days but suffer from constant severe nausea :(


Hiya - as suspected I’ve got to do bowel prep for this operation - I’m resigned to the fact but not overly happy about essentially being in the loo for hours on end but I’m extremely concerned about being sick. I suffer from constant nausea which can get very severe and pretty much the aim of my day is not vomiting most days - plus I’ve had so many problems with nausea over the years I am now emetophobic and am particularly bad around any medicinal tastes or artificial sweeteners - I mentioned all this to the nurse at pre op today and I may as well have addressed my concerns to the potted plant on her desk for all she knew or cared! The first thing I saw when opening the leaflet (Picolax) is that is says Do Not Take If.... you feel sick! I’ve got to take the stuff twice and am so scared it will make me feel really sick or worse make me be sick. Also bowel movements bring on nausea for me anyway. Has anyone had the same issue and is there an alternative? Obviously my anti nausea tablets I take each day will get flushed out so wondered if I could have an injection or something instead? Also I’m so nauseous I can’t eat or drink even stuff I like so I have no idea how I’m going to get the solution down without being sick. As I say I’m particularly phobic of medicinal or artificial sweetener tastes. Can’t go near stuff like chewing gum or squash/ cola. Thanks in advance x

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Hiya - I took Picolax before a colonoscopy and it was fine. Didn’t make me feel sick and worked quite slowly on the bowel but did work! I hate being sick too so was nervous but it was ok.

Hiya thanks for this, appreciate the response... were you nauseous beforehand anyway? Does it taste awful? I have no idea how to get it down. I’m also really worried that I’ve got to set off for the hospital at about 11am but have got to take it again at 7am. And the packet says it can last for up to 6hrs... by my maths that means I need to be in running distance to the loo until 1 o clock!!!! I won’t sleep anyway before the op so am thinking I should get up seriously early and take it then instead x

I don’t remember it tasting that bad - I think I had to take it twice but can’t remember the distance apart. I thought I would literally be sat on the toilet for hours but I wasn’t, I didn’t get cramps it was just like passing water. You do have to drink a lot of water too in between sachets. I ate a very light diet a few days before which helped. I think I lay on my bed and watched films and read whilst waiting for it to work. You do feel a bit spaced out at the end of it but that’s because you’re running on empty. I asked for picolax as my mum had it before & said it was better than the other stuff they give you for colonoscopies. I have endo too though & before my lap they didn’t give me anything !

Okay that doesn’t sound too bad... fingers crossed I get an experience like yours. I’m seeing the gp again today for more anti nausea so will see if he can give me something stronger just in case... feeling so panicky now!! I’ve never had to do it before either, but I think the difference is I’m having excision rather than ablation this time so more chance of poking holes in something they shouldn’t I suppose.... x

I’m a little like you with tastes etc and regularly feel nauseated. I mixed mine with orange squash and I managed it well. I had to have build up drinks as well which I did not tolerate. I’m the same with pain & nausea with opening my vowels but because it was looser I think it was only the first toilet trip which was uncomfortable then it was like the other lady said like having a wee.

Good Luck and don’t overthink it as will make it worse. Promise I did it and I’m a real “sicky” person.


Thanks for reassuring me, I’m not so worried about cramps or pain it is just the nausea. Fingers crossed I’ll have a good day where by nausea isn’t as bad as usual - they have been known to happen 🙄 really worried about travelling to the hospital if it’s still ‘working’ - is the second dose over and done with a bit quicker as you’re already empty and just on liquids by that point? X

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