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Positive story - regaining health & body confidence (w/ photo)


Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all well (or as well as can be).

Just wanted to share with you a positive story as I feel it's just as important to talk about the good things that can come from this evil disease.

Having had my 2nd laparoscopy in November (for grade 4 rectovaginal endo) and having a few months to recover, I decided to start a PT course. The reason for this was not because I was overweight (though I had gained a few KG from not moving much during recovery) but because I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! I constantly had no energy, had to stop myself daily from falling asleep at my desk, and overall just didn't really like my body anymore - I thought of it as just a constant source of pain and misery to be honest. I used to be so outgoing and constantly up for going out and about, and I couldn't really remember what that felt like.

So... here I am in February, and then again this week (June). The difference here isn't just body fat lost and muscle gained, it's way more than that for me, it's the difference between me in a fairly negative place and now me as somebody who is proud of what my body can achieve in just 4 months. (I must add that during this 4 months, I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst on my right ovary as a result of the Mirena coil and put on HRT as they suspected it was leaking, so I was pretty much bed-bound for 2 weeks).

Ladies - don't give up. This condition takes so much away from us in so many ways, and don't get me wrong I have so many days where I just feel useless and a drain on my boyfriend/family, but here's proof that there are ways to beat it - if not physically, then at least mentally - and take charge of your body rather than letting it take charge of you.

Take care all xx

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Hi Rose,

Thank you so much for your lovely words and wishing you a super speedy recovery! It's still very early days so let your body tell you when it's ready; as they say, "slow and steady wins the race." I was definitely that person who couldn't imagine getting into the gym again but it really does pay off when you stick at it. Go get 'em! xx

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