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Hi ladies .. Just wondering if anybody else works night shifts and suffers with endometriosis.. I have for the past year and a half and it's taking the life out of me it's so hard. I feel depressed and unheard .I'm currently suffering with pain in my knee which I suspect is from the endo as I get it around every month. I'm am thinking of ways I can get put onto days as I work in a supermarket. Any help would be appreciated x

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  • Have you spoke to your employer? They should be able to talk and maybe suggest alternatives for you x

  • I haven't about going onto days I'm nervous to to be honest.. I feel like they may ask reasons why and they won't understand. I wouldn't know where to start x

  • I would take a leaflet in. I gave my boss who is male-a booklet and lots of info and asked him to read about what I was going through. The support and help I have been given is brill. You will feel so much better after speaking with them

  • Thanks a lot daisy.. Where could I get some leaflets from? X

  • I printed some from nhs website. I said I found it so hard to talk about I cried tbh and my boss happily took the info and he felt very gutted I hadn't mentioned it sooner. Employers have your welfare to consider. Good luck xx

  • See for me, it's the pits to work on morning shifts with my endo. I work best on afternoons. I can wake up and have severe bowel pains when my endo decides to mega flare up, medicate and go back to bed. Then by the time I have to get ready for work, I am usually ok, as the meds kicked in. Also it is nice to be 2nd shift because when I really hurt and can't go into work, they have plenty of time to find coverage for me.

  • Hi there, I am sorry you are suffering. Your body clock plays a huge part in your emotional and physical wellbeing and working nights will not help. We need to have our sunlight and so many hours sleep (varies for different people). Do you have blackout curtains in your bedroom this is really important if you work nights. I would seriously try and find another option and talk to your employer about it if you can pluck up the courage so you can work in the day. DaisyL 's idea about taking some literature into work is a great one! It's not easy explaining about Endo and people don't always understand the full impact of it.

    Big hugs to you and please don't stay in this situation for long.

    Jen xx

  • Thanks for your support.. Yes I have blinds and blackout curtains but my sleep is always broken or I get no sleep at all.. I will look into getting some leaflets . Thanks for your time xx

  • . I hope this helps.

  • I would say nights is almost certainly aggravating your endo, because the vitamins you need to fight it are being depleted. I would suggest extra supplements. Also in my case disrupted sleep or lack of it makes me gain weight winch makes me endo worse too.

  • I worked nites all last year on a forensic unit , spent the yr echausted ! Nites arnt good for anyone so if u hav a painful chronic condition its just ten times worse.

    I work bank with the NHS so only available when im not due on as i can function safly with the pain, vomits & diarhea i get with my endo.

    Mayb u cud think of working Adhoc so u dont stress about it !!!

    Also a amount of rest & me time n a good diet !!!


  • Hiya .. It really it's horrible I feel drained and like I have no life .. As I bet you felt the same .. I've fainted in work with the pain before and was taken to hospital and so on numerous of times my manager is always like how can they support me and I really don't know how they can on nights. They even put me on overtime on the week I'm on aswell . They are good and understanding which I am so glad about.sorry but what does adhoc mean xx

  • Owhhh its good that ur management r helpful & supportive .

    Adhoc means as & wen needed so not regular hrs.

    Ive done it sucessfully for over a decade . Earned enough n more to live on .

    Yerrr its like i lost a yr of my life doin nites . Not good !!!

  • Hello,

    I really feel for you. I too used to work on call at nights after having worked a day shift. I too became depressed and exhausted so i know how you feel. I gave my employer who was a man a leaflet from the endometriosis society entitled Endometriosis of Employers. It is really good and it explains what it is, and how it affects women and how it can affect us at work and therefore how much it can affect their business regarding sick leave etc. I can't find it on their website now. I would contact them and see if you can get a copy. After I gave them this leaflet they took me off the on call rota and i just worked days. I know it is scary to talk to your employer, but if you go arms with the facts as to how it will affect them and you, it should help your case.

    The best of luck


  • Thank you miwa.. I'm just past the point of giving up now .. I feel that no one understands my mom and partner too. I'm going to try and talk to my manager this week. I'm so nervous do u think it's worth asking to doctor to refer me to days even though Ino they will only support me for a certain amount of time . I'll Deffo do what you suggested . I'm in bed for the weekend so I'll do some research . was you nervous to speak to your boss ? X

  • Hi, The leaflet is called Endometriosis for employers, sorry typo!! If they no longer do the leaflet please message me as I have a copy in my yahoo email that I could forward to you. I was really really nervous to speak to him. In fact in the end I just cried my eyes out and just handed him the leaflet and said I can't talk to you about it, so please read this!! Then we had a second meeting when he had read it and he was really supportive, and i felt better as he obviously knew about endo without me having to explain it all.

    It is so hard isn't it. I often felt isolated, as no one seems to understand expect other ladies with it. At least my partner now understands thank goodness.

    I would definitely try talking to your GP. They can sign you as fit to work, but on days only. Then you could see how you get on if you improve then they could sign you a note for days only for the foreseeable future. I forgot this is what I did too to back up my case. I choose a sympathetic GP to talk to and she wrote me a fit to work note, not to do on call on nights or the weekends. I took this to the first meeting with my manager.

    Let me know if you need the leaflet.



  • Hi Shanjess,

    I also suffer from endometriosis, don't do night shifts though. Am supposed to go for a laproscopy this Wednesday. Taking the life out of you as is exactly how I would describe it. With every period it just gets worse. Necessary activities and bowel movements have become so difficult for me. My lower back is now burnt from all the heat I've been putting on it to relieve the pain! I left leg often pains. Endometriosis is the cruelest joke nature can play on you. So many times ive felt likeiI was pregnant but I wasn't. I feel your pain sister.

  • Hiya.. Thanks for your post.. Good luck with your lap .. I think my doctor wants me to have another one .. I feel your pain I really do it's draining and I'm always just emotional .. I have that on my stomach and back too I hate it. My knee is is agony from it but I don't understand how it can travel to other parts of our body do you ?? X

  • I don't get it either. I thinkit might have some connection our ovaries, but not sure how. I'm Indian, and growing, was always told to keep feet warm, especially during periods. Try a heating pad, it provides good relief.

  • Hi Shanjess have you tried tumeric?it really helps me with pain management but should not be taken with tylenol. You can check this out on Amazon Pure Turmeric Curcumin Extra Strength 600mg in Two Daily Capsules ★ Antioxidant ★ Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effect.

  • Hi lynett.. I haven't heard of it before .. Is it a painkiller.. I've looked on Amazon not really sure which one it is. Thanks for your comment xx

  • Hello Shanjess, Tumeric is a natural pain killer. I dont take tylenol becuase it causes liver and heart damage.

    This is the ups code for the item on amazon :784672286879. I know your pain i lost one job becuase of endometriosis.

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