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Pain relief


Ladies I'm a long suffering patient that's endured hell with it since I was 15yrs old- I'm now turning forty... I've had countless surgeries, including a partial hysterectomy & more extensive surgery in a few months time. But I have found some relief but taking white cannabis oil from CBD brothers! It's life changing, please try it! Don't buy any rubbish get the good stuff - makes a massive difference.

My life is full on with kids, horses, dogs, part time 999 front line medic & having the oil at night has literally changed my ability to cope. I am coping !!

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Thank you for sharing this. I'm so interested in trying the oil. It's great to hear that you've benefited so much.

Can I ask what strength you take and how much?

Hunn in reply to weekari

If you go onto the CBD brothers website you can order a sample... also you can call them. You can also link into their fb page which is run by really informed people & is so helpful/supportive. I use the white oil my self & you have one drop & build up to two drops about 1/2 before help. It helps pain, relaxes you, reduces inflammation / the list is endless. Don't be afraid of it, it's really really good stuff - it's natural & kind to your body. X

I find CBD so helpful in treating my mental health issues which makes my condition easier to cope with. Especially when it comes to anxiety and sleep.

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