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It's been a while since I last posted! Since then, I've come off the pill, been diagnosed with IBS and am taking Buscopan when and if needed, and honestly my pain has improved so much! The only one negative is that my periods are very very heavy, and I'm trying everything to stop them being so unbearable.

I was prescribed tranexamic acid, and I've heard Buscopan can help with period cramps too (and literally all my period pain seems to be wind and bowel pain).

Can I take both of these at the same time with paracetamol too? I don't like the idea of taking so many pills at once but I have no other way of getting through work and I can't keep taking 3 days off every month x

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Buscopan is fine to take with any other medication x

kate24601 in reply to KimPV

Just a bit nervous about taking it with paracetamol and tran acid all at the same time but I'll need to get through work one way or another!

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