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Endometriosis or hypothyroid? Both?


Hi all,

I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid in 2015, and have been fairly stable since 2016, until now. My most recent bloods have come back on the low side of normal (although last time my bloods never actually went outside normal range). Plus, I had my first laparoscopy finally confirming endometriosis in November 2017, and had the Mirena coil fitted at the same time. Since then, my pain and periods have been so much better, but it's getting worse again.

My main concern is that I've been bleeding for twenty one days now, with no sign of it letting up anytime soon. Persistent bleeding was one of the first signs of my endometriosi- I bled for six months continuously last year- so I'm worried that it could be a sign of my ends returning. But, an under active thyroid commonly causes bad periods, so it could just be because my thyroid is bad again. I'm going to be upping my dose of levothyroxine from 100mg to 125, so maybe I should just stop fretting and wait for the thyroxine to kick in.

Obviously neither of these conditions are ideal, but I'm really struggling with trying to differentiate between thyroid and endo symptoms- especially because both conditions will be interacting and affecting one another.

Any advice? Anyone else struggling with both endometriosis and thyroid troubles? Thanks for any thoughts

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How heavy is your bleeding? I had continuous bleeding with the Mirena, and struggled with my emotions too. I had to have it removed in the end after 8 months. Xxx

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