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I have endometriosis and 2 months ago I had hysteroscopy surgery

Hello ladies.

I have endometriosis even though I did a surgery still I have pain. I been trying to get pregnant but nothing has happened yet. I decided to do surgery and thought that it might help me to get pregnant since I had my diagnosis nothing happened. I still have so much pain during my period- vomiting, nauseas, tiredness, no appetite... I try not to take any painkillers but I can not stand the pain because it’s so bad. So I usually take 2-3 ibuprofen during my period for the first, second and third day. My gp said that I have to try for 3 more months if nothing happen then we will go with ivf. I been married for 3 yrs now and trying to conceive but unfortunately no signs yet.🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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A hysteroscopy is to check your tubes etc , it is not to clear out endo which is probably why you are still in pain. I was in the same position, it took 2 1/2yrs to conceive.... stay positive and keep trying x

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Hey Rehanat thanks for replying.

Did you have any other treatment to ease the pain and to be able to conceive? I’m really worried that I’m not able to conceive due to doctor suggestion to go through ivf after few months keeping in mind that we have only been trying for 1 1/2 yrs. My endometriosis is at second stage.


I had a laparoscopy and they removed some endo,i also went through a cycle of ivf which failed and made my endo worse. I have stage 3/4 endo- if i were you i would keep trying and not go thru uvf just yet. Have u had any other tests to check if anything else is wrong?


I have been to my gp and based on what they have said everything else is fine but the pain is unbearable. I feel like it’s getting worse as I get older. I’m 29 yrs old now. On my right side of ligament I got endometriosis. On March 14, 2018 I had my surgery. I also live in Australia.


Have u had blood tests to check your hormone levels and to checknif ure ovulating? Did u have a laparoscopy? Im not entirely sure how it works in Australia but my gp was useless- i had to go to her 3 months in a row for her to refer me to a gynaecologist cos she told me the pain was normal period pain which i knew it wasnt. The gynaecologist then suspected endo which was when i had a laparoscopy to remove what was possible, after 6 months of trying and not conceiving after surgery i was referred to a fertility clinic where they did all blood tests etc for myself & my partner whoch showed nothing was wrong. We then did ivf which failed, i then had acupuncture and some mizan therapy which i believe really helped me and i conceived 6 months after my failed ivf during which time the pain i had was incredible and crippling.


No I haven’t done blood test but I know that I ovulate. I use the kits to check my ovulation. I feel like my gp is the same..I had laparscopy done too. They said as much as Endo they saw they got it out but it started to grow again in me. I’m so happy that you conceived. I’m nervous and scared about ivf. In my family’s history no one had Endo everyone is healthy and had kids. So as my in laws side. I decided to stick with gluten free. Let’s see how I feel.


I was same-there is no history at all . Hopefully it will work for u xx


Thanks xx


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