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11days post hysterectomy and excision of endo

Hi ladies, just thought I'd give an update and I have a few queries

Only 11 days on from my op and I'm feeling ok, still a little sore on getting up and down from sofa bed ect, but I think I'm doing well,💯👍

I seam to be having a lot of pain on weeing and pooing, 🙈

When I need a wee it hurts on releasing the flow, when that has started it lets up apart from occasionally when it can hurt all the way through

Then when I need a poo it hurts a lot to walk up the stairs, and hurts throughout, I'm very constipated and it's very hard,

It was hurting or causing a odd sensation prior to the op but seams worse now, I know ive got along way to go, but Is this normal?.......

My stitches are doing well, ive had to cut ✂️one away as it was very uncomfatable getting stuck to the scab.

I don't feel half as tired as I did prior to the op, perhaps that's just me finally seeing light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

My next question is, HOW MUCH SHOULD I BE DOING, I'm stressing out abit about what I should be doing now, I feel better now than my bad times prior, but apparently should be doing less than I would have done then,

Ive hung a small wash on aired, didn't get it out of machine or carry it, took items of airer, washed up light things ie cups ect, make myself cereal and tea and toast, polished my bed room, changed a few pillow cases, now all of that is very little and not often,

IS THAT OK..?????☕️

Roll on another 2-4 weeks, can't wait to get energetic. 😉

I hope all you ladies are doing well.


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Sorry forgot to mention ive been walking around the house a few times a day, and had my first out side walk yesterday only a short walk around the green that's right next to my house, about 7 mins


Hi Hun glad to hear your doing ok, I suppose you can do what you feel upto doing, but I wouldn't do more than you stated, a little walk is good the fresh air would of done u good aswell. With regards to the pain on poo and weeing contact dr they may give u fibregel to help the motion and you may have a water infection. Obviously the dr will know you gave had the op so a quick telephone call should be Safice, thank you for the update and fingers crossed the road to recovery us well under way xxx


Thank you dk

It's very difficult to know what is enough but not to much, I don't want to just sit on sofa all day, but I'm worried the minute I start doing things Ill get carried away, lol


Hi tboag

I am 5 weeks post op, total hysterectomy, oophorectomy and bladder repaired.

Doc has given me all clear to drive now but not walk my dog for another week. I am still not lifting anything heavy and taking it easy but I am doing dishes, cooking, dusting but no hoovering, gardening etc.

I still have get a pulling sensation under the cuts if i do too much so think it's still healing in there. My poo was also very hard for couple weeks but all good now. Bladder is working well with no pain, I did have catheter and stents for 3 weeks and bladder hurt couple days after they came out but is fine now.

I am signed off for another 3 weeks (8 weeks total).

I don't think you should be doing any more than you are, drink loads of water to help with bowels etc.

Good luck, take care, and rest x


Hi, I had a total hyst for Adeno and excision for endo (incl bladder 'shaved' to remove endo) 4 mths ago.

Physio told me after surgery no bending down, no stretching up and no lifting anything heavier than a full kettle for 6 weeks. She also said to build my walking up 5 mins / week and to do my pelvic floor excercises the first day after the op and everyday. I struggled with the pelvic floor exercises until bout week 5 as I felt like it aggravated my pain too much so I think you have to do what feels right. Try not to overdo it tho as you don't want to set back your recovery or end up with other issues for the sake of doing too much too soon!

The bladder issue I also had and sometimes still do. I was told it was because it was still healing from having endo removed from it. Did you have endo removed from your bladder?

The constipation I now believe goes hand in hand with a hyst tho no doctor wants to tell you this. Since my op I have come across many posts from women who have had hysts saying the same thing. My specialist tried to blame my diet but I told him my diet since the op is MUCH better than pre-op and I didn't have a problem with constipation then! Then he told me I wasn't drinking enough water. You're supposed to drink 3 litres / day but I can only manage 2 or else I would be permanently glued to the loo 😝. Again this never caused me constipation before so I don't see why it should now! I now take fibre supplements and magnesium daily to help this and the occasional bit of licorice if I feel like my bowels are being sluggish again. You need to try to avoid laxatives (particularly the stimulant ones) if possible so your bowels don't get dependant on them. I find if I don't eat as healthily on the weekend (which I sometimes allow myself to do) then unfortunately I suffer for it for the rest of the week whilst my bowels get back into the swing of things 😏.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope you will be pain free, Jo


Hi you could try magnesium tablets , I take one every morning and have found I need to go not long after. Has been so much better. Hope this helps


Thank you Ladies, I was constipated before the op, so no real change, and the morthine tabs don't help, but trying to lower dose now to come of all together,

I'll try magnesium, and increase water and eat better, problem is, sometimes only cake will do, lol


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