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Hi all, you might have seen me around, I've posted on a few things. Anyway, I was diagnosed with endo in October 2017 after about six months of treatment (the pill was a nightmare and my gyn didn't want to do a lap), so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I had my lap done privately and my gyn only found one patch of endo on my uterosacral ligament and a peritoneal cyst. As I was seen privately my doctor wasn't an endo specialist and she only ablated the endo that she found, and excised the cyst. I know that excision of endo is the best treatment but obviously didn't get a chance to ask her to do it when I was under!

I currently have the coil fitted which sort of helps (I know it's helping with the hormones but it hasn't stopped my periods... they're still 7 days long though the pain isn't as bad) but I'm super paranoid it's going to come back. I hated going through surgery (I get really bad medical anxiety, mostly due to an inability to control everything) and am not in a hurry to go back again! I'd really love to see a BSGE specialist but they're relatively far away from me and I think they're NHS which means a long waiting list if my symptoms start to show again.

I guess I'm looking for a bit of advice and reassurance. Has anyone been in a similar situation and what did you do?

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I am in exactly the same situation as you minus the periods. However during ovulation my pain is so bad and when I have worked king hours I am in able to control the pain. I do find hot water bottles help and I try and stay away from analgesia as much as possible as this messes with my bowels, and due to having endo involvement with my bowels this also causes me pain. If I was you I would ask my Gp for a referral for the endo centre.

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Thanks for this. I'd love to ask my GP for another referral but at the moment I'm not sure if I've actually really got any symptoms that would warrant another referral. My pain is controlled and I should be completely endo free having only had surgery six months ago. I'm just frustrated with the lack of use the coil has been :(


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