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Horrible pain and plans I can't change


Ugghhhh feeling so down. Didn't pre load my painkillers this month as much and my period has started today. Prescription co codamol plus mefenamic acid and still in horrible pain. Today I have plans I can't change as they are paid for and I just want to sit in the bath all day and cry....I want my lap surgery to hurry up so I can just know what's going on :(

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You poor thing! It sucks so much. I hate that feeling of having something planned and you just can't face it but cancelling doesn't seem like an option either. But after forcing myself to many things and feeling even worse due to it, I developed a little technique to help me decide to pull out of things. Whatever I'd paid for something, I'd ask myself would I pay that amount to not go? If so, then that would be my decision made. I'd accept the loss because I'd be willing to pay that to just go to bed and rest.

I also want to say that your health and wellbeing is the most important thing. Forcing yourself to do something that you're not up to will be stressful and could likely leave you feeling worse. It's crap to miss out but it's even worse to go and have a miserable time.

Look after yourself. X

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