I Must have PAIN written on my forehead!!!

Earlier this evening I had to rush to superdrug to get a new hot water bottle (my old one split last night) felt so lost without it. Anyways I got there two mins before closing time and I asked the lady do you have hot water bottles she called another lady to direct me I was also with my little girl walking and the lady said "shall I get it for you as you look like your in a lot of pain" I was greatful and said yes please. All the time I'm saying to my other half I look more than double my age and he says no you just look like your in pain. (Which I am most of time ) plus I'm tired alwayyyyys! But o dont want others to see I'm in pain and give me sympathy vote. Iv got my nephews birthday on Tuesday and don't want to look like I'm in pain and all the mums especially my sister in law saying " awww you look like your in pain are you alright" all she seems to say when I see her. It's only going to be for a couple of hours ( really don't want to let them down )

Any suggestions ladies on looking normal I really thought I looked at least that today. I know it's silly but I'm sure yous will know where I'm coming from especially family gatherings. Thanks in advance xxx

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  • Sorry to hear this! I find a water bottle the best thing ever - until I need to go out. When I'm out and about and could do with something I use tiger balm the red one. It gets quite hot and relives the pain, it does smell quite strong though. I find wearing comfy but nice ish clothes always helps me too, I'd rather be more comfortable and a little less stylish then super on trend and so uncomfortable. I also try and wear layers to keep me warm! Hope you make it and have a good time xx

  • Yeah iv decided to wear a long sleeve maxi I don't really have a choice my belly has swollen like crazy ( look about 5 month preg) with a long maxi cardigan. My other half mentioned tiger balm he sells it at his shop I'll ask him to bring some. Thanks I can hide the body it's my face that says it all. I'll just have to put some make up on and hope for best ( I don't normally wear it) thanks for reply hun xx

  • Ah the bliss of maxi dresses!! Sounds like a good choice. I always find forcing myself to have a shower and hair wash perks me up, along with coffee or lucozade. Yeah, get him to bring some - it's worth a go! Xx

  • Don't even mention lucozade or coffee I swear once I start I can't stop I haven't had either for a while. My hair is super long and thick wavy so that's an actual mission I will either be getting my sis to do that or pay hairdresses to do that see how long it takes me to get out the house first. It's difficult but it will be nice I hope I really don't want to be on pain relief it makes me more tired than I naturally am. I'll be fine I love watching Kids have fun xx

  • Have you tried head pads when out, the ones from the pound shop that go on to your skin are great, also, just smile, and stuck some lippy on, lol,

    I use a heat cream from forever living and it's lovely, I'm a rep for them so if you want to try it pm me xxx

  • Are they the people that promote aloe vera? Xx

  • I don't get on with heat pads I didn't think you could stick them to skin x

  • Yes to Aloe Vera and yes some hear pads can go on skin

  • Thanks for that my other half's family are reps for them too. ( they are good products)

  • Hi,

    I know the look you are talking about. It's called the frown of endo. I get it when the pain is bad and there is no way to disguise it. You literally have the pain written all over your face. My eyes get dull when I'm not well and I have a frown and everyone who knows me asks if I'm OK. I have an electric heat pad that I use and home, work and I take it will me when I go places I think I can get away with using it, like to see family or friends. It means that if you are sit relaxing somewhere you can plug it in and have a constant source of heat which really helps. You can have it behind your back too and still sit comfortably which you can't do with a hot water bottle and once it's plugged in and you have it on your lap or behind you it's pretty discreet. That's my way of getting through tough days, that and knowing I'm not going to be able to do as much and trying to sit somewhere comfy for as long as possible. Hope you have a good day and have fun at the Birthday party.

  • Iv been looking at these heat pads quite a bit over past few weeks I think I will definitely try one. Heat definitely does help. 😌Thanks for your reply. Hope your well

  • Endofemm great heat pad but a bit expensive due to international shipping fees xx

  • I use a heating pad which you can tie in the back and hide it under clothes or just wear it over them.

    I'm in pain all the time but people don't realize it, I get the classic comment "You look great" and then the minute I start to hit 8 on the scale my friends start to notice and my skin completely loses all colour and then my teachers freak out.

  • I'm defiantly going to get some heat pad I need it really. Especially as I can't stand to be cold. Pain and cold big no no. Thanks for reply

  • The aloe heat is amazing like sadly Iv just rang out so I was a dash to super drugs to get some heat pads only use my hot water bottle in the house heat pads for out and about tiger balm is good to hope u have a nice time on your nephew birthday enjoy I have a birthday party this Friday fingers crossed that I'm not in to much pain

  • Systane Ultra Eye Drops (from Opticians) & YSL Touche Eclat works wonders for making you look almost human when you feel like hell. :)


  • sleep before, dose up on pain meds if avaliable and take it easy. i think thats all you can do. hope all goes well

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