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Sudden heavy bleeding but on mirena coil so don’t get periods?? HELP

Hi All,

Has anyone ever had issues with the mirena coil? more specifically, I had a mirena fitted to stop my endo growing back. It’s 3 years ago, and had it replaced in early 2017. In this time I have not had one period, not even a patch of breakthrough bleeding. So on Friday I had really quite nasty pelvic pain and put it down to uterine fuckery and ignored it. Got home after watching the new avengers film (go see it, it’s v good!) went for a pee and I was bleeding, fresh red blood with no clots, and not spotting. Like, it turned the tolet water light red. I probably passed about a teaspoon in the 20 min ride to A&E then it began to slow down, however when I went to pee Or clench my pelvic floor it poured it like water. Saw gynae who said it’s probably just normal bleeing you sometimes get on the coil, she couldn’t feel any signs of inflammation, referred me for an ultrasound and sent me home. However they couldn’t see my coil strings. They did cut them super short tho. Now this wasn’t like period pain, and honestly the bleeding was weird. I’m worried it’s embedded or something.

Just for reference I’ve had endo for like 5 years, have a history of ovarian cysts, have nabothian cysts and had PID a few weeks ago. Swabs came back negative and was advised it could be my coil, however it wasn’t removed. I Also had to come off the antibiotics about 3 days early as metronidazole caused oesophageal burns and I ended up vomiting blood. I’m mentioning this in case it is all linked in or someone else had had a similar experience.

Has anyone ever had anything like this, what symptoms should I look for in regards to problems and stuff? Thanks!

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Yes could be a ‘breakthrough bleed’ when I was on coil I seemed to have a lot of these and very painful, heavy. I had nothing but trouble with mine but on the other hand my sister had her for the full duration and didn’t have a problem. When is it due to come out? I know that if your coming to time it’s due to come out it’s still effective against pregnancy but less hormones are released and the other symptoms pop up more x


That sounds awful. Have they sorted it now? The things is, I’ve not once had a breakthrough bleed so why would it randomly start when my body is so used to it and I only had it replaced last year? It just seems a bit weird to me, especially as I’ve been using the mirena for over three years. It’s due to come out at the end of 2019, so a while away!


Oh yeah I had it out about 4 years ago they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, told I had ibs . After 3 laps for other things ( cystic tumour and cysts) I pushed for another one. They found endo on bowel bladder and pod. They said ‘too mild to cause your pain, go back to digestive disease team’ threw some dressings at me and discharged me x


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