anal fissure during period ??

hey, these couple of months, i have been struggling with blood after a bowel movement. it feels like passing glass and it hurts so much that I have cried sometimes. Only, these symptoms occur on the week of my period. I get troubled bowel movement that really hurts and makes my rectal bleed. I have been seing a specialist that told me I had an anal fissure but he gave me Rectal suppository as a cure which is something that I cant possibly do(I juust caaaannntt ). I want to know if i am the only one having this issue only in that time of the month because after that everything comes back to normal. Will I have to resort to surgery? Any advicee???

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  • I struggled with anal fissures for years. They did day surgeries which involved assessing the area properly as I was too sore when awake. I had muscle spasms not allowing it to heal so we tried Botox injection and it helped for a while. I couldn't ever used suppositories either don't worry. I got frustrated when doctors suggested them. You can buy anusol from boots which might help but can cause thrush if used a lot. A high fibre diet, going gluten free and lots of baths help me a lot. Also I found out I was lactose intolerant and have endometriosis on bowel. I know its worse than labour pain my consultant says but hang in there! I used to sit on swimming ring to ease discomfort of sitting. It takes time to heal but can be reoccurring until I changed my diet I struggled. As them to give you a something for the soreness they do anaesthetic creams. Nothing is fast unfortunately. Soaking in warm water they say helps heal and soothe. I recently read coconut oil helps but havent tried it. Take care xx

  • Hi Isabeel,

    If you only suffer from this during your period, could it be a rectovaginal nodule of deep endo instead of an anal fissure?

    I have deep endo and require surgery to remove the nodule. I do not bleed during bowel movement, but my specialist/surgeon said that my nodule is still quite small and that's why it does not cause bleeding during period just yet.

    Has your specialist considered deep endo?

    Good luck


  • Hiya I don't ovulate or have periods anymore due to having everything removal 5 weeks ago. I did however suffer the exact pain just as you're describing and my GP would treat me for piles and fissures, I would also bleed too. The creams and pessaries never helped and I had two flexible sigmoidoscopies that were both normal. It wasn't until I went for an MRI scan that the extent of the endometriosis and ahesions were made obvious, everything was stuck together. I knew it was endometriosis because it only happened for around a week and half over my period. I see if you can have an MRI. Good luck hun, hope you get the help you need xxxx

  • The sachets of movicol are very good for helping it heal and your GP can prescribe a cream to. Don't do nothing you don't want it to get worse and need surgery xx

  • I had a similar thing to you and it would only happen when I was on my period. I would also bleed from my vagina with every bowel movement. That's why the decision was made for a laproscopy I had endometriosis on my pelvic wall and on the bowel since they removed the endometriosis I feel like a new women. No problems with bowel movements and no more pain.

    Hope you get better soon.

  • I had rectovaginal endo and I was the same, oh my god it was so painful I had to hang on to the radiator and it bled , I had it most of the time but much worse around period time. I had a laparoscopy and don't suffer with it anymore . May be worth mentioning it to your doctor , are you scheduled for surgery?

  • If I was you, this is what I would do: 1. Drink a glass of distilled water every day and either add Emergen-C immune supplement powder to it, or take 500-1,000 milligrams of pure, chewable orange flavored vitamin C. 2. Consider taking tylenol ( aka acetaminophen) in stead of NSAIDs / anti-inflammatory meds. 3. Try this stool softener that is FREE from stimulants = ducosate sodium. 4. Try taking Mylanta Regular Strength (it contains an anti-gas component). and 5. Try taking a 1/2 teaspoon of benadryl (be sure it's the one without any decongestants in it!) 6. Be aware that these other ladies commenting could be right, and consider getting some second opinions. I am having my 2nd surgery this year, and my first surgery was in November 2015. It is March 2016 as I am writing this. My doctor did a lap. to work on complex chocolate and hemorraghic cysts and ended up finding that I also had "one of the top 10 worst cases of endometriosis he had ever seen and lots of scar tissue and adhesions." I wore tampons the 2nd period that I had, after my surgery. My pain slowly started to return. I stopped wearing my tampons, and only used pads. I had an endo flare up for 10 days that felt like my inner left, center and right pelvis was on fire. I had pain with bowel movement, gas passing, and urinating. I tried to "preserve" my reproductive organs, but they also discovered, a week before my surgery, a fibroid in my uterus. Due to my pain, and misery, I have elected to go visit my Doc ASAP which turns out to be early April and schedule one of the following: either a complete hysterectomy (removal of my uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, or removal of my uterus, and keep my ovaries, with this wierd technique they use, if possible, if my ovaries are even save-able at this point. Hopefully one of them is. :) I can't wait. I used to be scared, but now, I've educated myself enough to know that waiting, and allowing this disease to progress only gives it a chance to ruin my life more, along with ruining my surrounding organs and tissues. Put your body and health first. Ask, seek, and knock, until you feel 100%. You deserve to have a happy, healthy house for your spirit to live in! :)

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