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Laparoscopy and prior DVT

I was wondering if anyone has had a laparoscopy after they have had DVT, or any blood clots, and whether the procedure caused blood clots or DVT again?

It’s one of my concerns as I had DVT before, it is not present anymore and I’m not on medication for it anymore. The doctor is aware of it, but I’m still just a bit concerned and I was hoping that someone has some advice.


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Hi, I had a DVT a few weeks before my first lap (suspected it was caused by mylarge cyst). For my first lap I had an IVC filter put in as a precaution on the morning of my surgery, this was in case the remaining clot moved. It was a procedure done with local anaesthetic, catheter tube inserted into my neck so that the filter (a tiny metal umbrella type thing) could be passed down the catheter into my vena cava, the surgeon was guided by a scanner to position the filter. I was on heparin ahead of surgery, then warfarin afterwards. Two years later I had other surgery, was off warfarin by this stage and so no special procedures other than a lengthy chat with anesthnatist who was awesome.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to me. I’ve been off Warfarin for a year now so I’m sure they’ll just chat to me then.


I think so too, best of luck. I must confess the filter thing was terrifying, much more so than the surgery!

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Hi Ashlee. Make sure you remind the surgeon and nurses at the hospital as they'll need to give you self admin heparin/warfarin injections 1 in hosp and to continue for a week after the lap, wear the surgical stockings permanently for 6 wks, yes, and you must keep those legs moving, drink plenty of water. Pelvic surgery does increase risk and you have to be extra careful. I had a high d dimer reading a few yrs ago, severe pain in calf but they never found a clot on scan. Got v slow pulse and low BP and was fine 2 laps.


Hi Cornish!

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.

I will definitely be reminding them of it before the surgery. It is my biggest concern at the moment, because having been on warfarin for 6 months before was the worst thing in the world. They always struggled to regulate my blood and it meant going for blood tests once or twice a week.

I was in hospital for a week when they found the bloodclot, and the reason was because I refused to inject myself 🤣 I still don’t think I’ll have the guts to do it to be honest so I’ll play it by ear.

Thanks again for your advice!!


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