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Pain in right side


Sorry guys its me again!! *Content contains poo*

For the past week or so I’ve had this strange pain on my right side of my belly near my ovary. It started after going for a poo and nearly had me in tears :( Then every slight bit of movement and passing wind/going for a poo made the pain worse. Around two days after the pain started it felt like something ruptured and was severe intense sickening pain for around 5 minutes and then since has been getting gradually worse. Has anyone experienced this or could provide any help? Thank you so much!!

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Hey it sounds like it could be an ovarian cyst? I had a similar issue where I went to the toilet and a few times and passed out because of the pain. The doctor said I had IBS and I had a scan and they found massive cyst that was moving at times.It might be worth going for a scan x

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