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Advised gynaecologist will call me on Tuesday? BUT why?

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Hi - looking for some advise and to know if this has happened to anybody?

I received a call today from my gynae receptionist asking if it would be ok for the Dr himself to call me on Tuesday afternoon at 13.30.......I responded that I will be out of the country as I will be on holiday but it is no problem for him to call. I asked her what it is regarding and she stuttered and responded "it's best he speaks with you : it must be regarding the results of the tests you have recently had done".

Has anybody else experienced this? I am so worried now - I have had a physical examination, smear, internal examination and an ultrasound carried out in the last month. At my last appointment I was told that the chances of me needing a laparotomy are very high....but I haven't seen or heard from my gynae until today since I have had all tests carried out.

Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am driving mysef CRAZY with worry!


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Hi, sorry to hear this , can’t you ring back tomorrow and say you need to speak urgently as that message as left you really worried . Ask Why should you have to wait to Tuesday ? Seems bizarre? Take care Riva

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i thought it seemed bizarre too - i think i will call them back and ask why I need to wait. Surely she could've just gave me the results on the phone?

It has to be a doctor or trained member of staff that gives you results of any test, it may be that the doctor wishes to have a catch up with you over the phone if they haven’t seen you in a while. Call back and ask if there’s anyway of having the conversation earlier as you are feeling worried about the situation. On the same level, try not to worry too much!! Hope everything’s alright x

Hi there - the call will be to discuss your results and only the consultant is authorised to do this. Call them back in the morning and say you need to talk to the doctor asap because you are going to be away.

Try not to worry. It is not bizarre at all - its just that they need to share with you the results over the phone to explain them.

Try not to worry :0)

A call like that is unacceptable. Of course you'll be thinking the worst. I would point out to the medical practice the harm that such a call does. I go into a melted mess when I get similar calls from the tax dept.

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