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Fed up... :(

Anyone else feel like their symptoms and problems are never going to end ???? I feel like I could go to sleep for a full month!! Currently feeling very low and fed up suffering with endometriosis. It will be 2 years this year since surgery and things still aren’t any better :(

Also has anyone experienced bad breast pain whilst taking provera 10mg??

Meg Xxxxx

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Omg me!

Sorry can’t help with the Breast pain and provera but I too have my moments where this is the worst thing ever.

I’m awaiting my second round of surgery in the next few months. I’m nervous but I will do what I can to get through xx

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How frustrating and tiring is it?! Hope all goes well with the surgery. When did you have your last one xx


It’s so bad I literally lose days because I’m asleep 😴.

Thank you lovely my last surgery was last February. We want a baby that’s how we discovered I had the endo in the first place and a lot of the ppl I have spoke to think that surgery first is the way to go. We already know that we will probably need ivf to help us. But I’m doing this for me in the hope that it’s going to reduce my pain long enough that I can get pregnant have a baby and then take some sort of medication to cease the pain after we’ve had a baby.

Is the provera the first thing you’ve tried? Xx


So sorry to hear you’ve struggled conceiving, hopefully 2nd surgery will help and you will have a baby ❤️. I haven’t tried to conceive yet as we’re just not ready but hopefully when the time comes it will work out!

I had surgery sept 2017 but unfortunately my symptoms came back shortly after. Provera tablets is like the 4th thing I’ve tried it’s so frustrating!!

Do you take any regular medication you find helpful? xx


Thank you very much. I’m sure when the time comes for you to try you’ll be fine.

Sorry to hear the symptoms came back so quickly. Mine is on my bowel so don’t know how much they will be able to remove so may still get symptoms afterwards.

I don’t currently take anything other than standard paracetamol and ibuprofen as everything would effect us getting pregnant. Although we don’t think it would happen miracles do happen occasionally so we never give up hope. Xx


Fingers crossed! Yeh it just feels like it’s never ending... there is always something 😩 they think mine could be on my bowel now down to new symptoms and one of the areas it was found on my surgery was on the pouch of Douglas so maybe but they’re leaving 2nd surgery until last resort and trying to leave me at least 3 years since my previous one. Have you had any bowel surgery done or have they just left it?

I hope everything works out for you and you get a little miracle baby, don’t give up ❤️ xx

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Thank you.

It is never ending I keep saying I don’t live with endo I live with the symptoms. My biggest problem is bowel movements and pain with it.

Sorry to hear you have new symptoms mine too is on my pouch of Douglas. I haven’t yet had any bowel surgery this is what they will potentially do next I am awaiting an mri as they want to see how much it may/may not be penetrating my bowel before we make a decision.

Thank you so much I hope you get some better luck with your medication don’t stop pushing you know your body ❤️ xx

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