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Mirena Coil Side Effects


I had the coil fitted almost 3 months ago and I am experiencing the following symptoms:



No motivation

Weight gain

Extremely sore breasts

Bleeding for about 10 days

I am assuming these are normal and will perhaps die diwn?

I was woke in my sleep last night by the most agonising pain in my left hip radiating down my leg. I have had it all day and am struggling to walk. Has anybody else experienced this or is it unrelated?

I have a follow up hospital appointment at end of May to discuss upcoming surgery I will have to have to remove endometriosis but I have also managed to get Drs appointment tomorrow,

I had the coil fitted whilst I was under anaesthetic undergoing a laparoscopy and the surgeon said due to the shape of my cervix he would not have been able to insert it if I had been awake. Do you think this would be the same if I wanted it removed?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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