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During laparoscopy


Hi I'm hoping someone will be able help. I'm going for my laparoscopy on the 3rd May. I had it booked before and had the pre assessment to find out I had problems with my heart. Now that is all sorted I can't remember any details of what will happen. When I am in having the laparoscopy if they find anything do they deal with it there and then or do I have to wait again? I'm very much convinced they will so just want to prepare myself. Thanks

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All that should have been discussed but I know in the run up to it it's easy to forget stuff!

You can ring the center performing the op or if it's a specialist perhaps they have a direct line to their secretary. You could try the place you had the pre op at. If you're not getting anywhere try your gp; they usually get sent the details of the op and what's going to happen so they can treat you should you need to see them after.

If you haven't had any luck before the op day and you're okay waiting; they'll go through the details of it all and what they plan, any last minute changes, any worries etc. They check you're sure you're okay with what's going to happen three or four times before so you'll have time to check! You should meet your surgeon and anaesthetist before.

If it's just for a diagnositic lap, they won't treat or remove anything, they may take biopsies. I was encouraged to have a diagnostic plus removal of any endo by excision (there are different methods but that's the best at keeping it at bay for longer), unsticking of organs and biopsies of anything else they find. I felt it was better to have it all done in one go than go through two ops close to each other not to mention the time still in pain from endo.

Hope you manage to find out what's going to happen xx

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