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Anyone else doing exercise after major lap? It has been 4 weeks already and I am a bit frightened to do a bit of work out!


Hi everyone, I need some advice please! I had a major laparoscopy a month ago, endometriosis was sos every that it was even stuck in my kidneys! I have put so much weight on that I am feeling hopeless every time I see myself in the mirror! Stretcht marks, cellulite and of course the lovely scars form the laparoscopy! (This is my fourth time)! So the other times have always been minimal but I have stage 4 endo and this time they took 5 hours in the operation theatre removing all the scar tissue that was stuck in my rectum ovaries Fallopian tubes and uterus! I am feeling fine pain wise I am actually taking cannabis tea from time to time it actually work wonders! But anyway going back to my question is anyone with sort of the same issue already working out? I am extremely scared that if I do a bad movement I am going to feel the same pain again... of course I know I shouldn’t over do it but maybe someone can give me tips what exercise I can do at the moment Pro op? Xxx

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wow you've been through lots xx

Perhaps start with yoga, you can do different levels; possibly a book for beginners or post surgery. I don't know all the bits of it but we do some at the end of our fitness classes for cooling down that are focussed on breathing, stretching and noticing your muscles. I found it really good to just do a few of those a day from about two weeks after my lap (not as long as yours though) to help me become aware of my body and how it feels when moving into different positions. Then after a few weeks I was able to trust myself to get back to light levels of sports as I felt able to listen to my body if something hurts.

I'm not overly active, before my lap I used to mainly do hill walking, I did a year of Krav Maga (self defence). I've found after my lap the latter just isn't for me as the impact of punches and kicks even with padding etc makes me queasy just from the thought of it hurting. I started back with sports three months after my lap; wen't full on, signed up to polefitness, karate and HIIT classes. I discussed with them all before my classes about my lap and what I had done, all the instructors know about endo and lap ops and were happy for me to start classes.

Just take it easy, don't go running up any hills or lifting weights! For now focus on stretches, warming up, getting your flexibility back and knowing what doesn't hurt. xx

PaoPetite in reply to farahziya

Thank you so much for your advice! Never tried yoga before! I have been off work and working outs for almost two years! My endometriosis has taken my life away completely! Trying to recover physically and mentally, I used to do Zumba and hat was enough for me I was fit and was so happy about my body structure even after my two children I was so haply about the way I looked! Now I have a proper belly hate the stretch marks cause by the bolting of every month! But I think yoga is a good start of course I should take it easy it has only been a month but after being incarcerated for so long I want to do everything at the same time!

Thanks for your advice xxxx

farahziya in reply to PaoPetite

I know the feeling; you just want to get going!!

I didn't realise how much of yoga is about stretching and being aware of your body, it's soo good as a warm up and cool down for exercise and on it's own. It's not as easy as it looks either :O

I have stretch marks without the kids or bloating :( I think I'm just prone to them

PaoPetite in reply to farahziya

I will try yoga for extra beginners and se how it goes! 🤣😘

If you had stage 4 endo and a 5 hour surgery then you have had major surgery even if its keyhole.

I would seek advice and ask if you need physio before starting any exercise class.

I had the same stage and surgery duration and was advised not to start exercise for 3 months other than what was agreed with a physio therapist I was referred to. It really depends what you had done I imagine, and we're all different.

PaoPetite in reply to Starry

Thanks for the tip! I would have to ask my gp, I have another appointment to see the specialist on May! So I don’t know whether to wait for the appointment and then start building up my strength little by little!

Thank you so much for the advice! Much appreciate it 💛


It’s brilliant to hear you’re feeling so good but perhaps caution is a good idea? I’ve always been advised to wait at least 6 weeks after a lap before exercise and even then seek medical advice. Xxx

PaoPetite in reply to Catness

Thank you! I am feeling better than last month definitely is but that I have been hibernating for so long that I want to do everything at once! I should wait a bit longer, plus it is true I had a major surgery should take it easy!

Thanks everyone for all the advice! 💛😘

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