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I am having a laparoscopy the end of february and i am terrified to be cut open

I am wondering how long i will bleed for afterwards as they say you bleed and may experiance pain like a period i know my periods are so painful already i vomit and faint every month and i can barely move

and i cannot imagine after going through this surgery having enough energy to cope with this whilst trying to heal Anybody been through this?

Also the incision scars im worried about do they leave permenant marks? and do they hurt very much and how long for? Im so nervous about this and am praying that it helps me and y very painful periods has anyone had the laparoscopy where it ACTUALLY HELPS PAIN???? Because i dont read any stories of it helping pain much???

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I found the effects of the gas they used was the most painful thing after surgery! Make sure you try and keep mobile and have lots if peppermint water to try and help shift it. I was also quite tender over one incision site, but I think it was because it was slightly bigger than the others and sutures a bit tighter! It does leave scars but they are so small you prob won't even notice them! In terms of the bleeding, I imagine it will depend on exactly what you have done. I bled quite lightly for a few days after but I didn't experience any cramps or period like symptoms! I was signed off work for two weeks after the op but I was able to go back after this and I have pretty active job. I would say it prob took me about 10 days to feel 'normal' again, this is going to be different for everyone though too.

Take care and hope the operation goes well and the outcome is what you hope for!


Hi Hun, I had one a couple of months a go, they put a mirena coil in for me, my pain hasn't gone away but they didn't see any Endo, sometimes it's not visible.

The incisions are ok I have no marks now but you need to be careful lifting things because of the stitches.

You also can bleed a little afterwards but it does stop.

I'm now having a scan on Friday for bladder so I'm no further forward.

I hope it goes ok I'm sure you will be fine!



I had a diagnostic laparoscopy a few months ago and to be honest I have had worse done to me! If I had to have one again it wouldn't bother me! I had a small incision in my tummy button and one in my bikini line that were only mildly uncomfortable for a couple of days. The one on my bikini line took a little longer to heal and was a little bit red because it keep rubbing on my knickers once I had taken the dressing off. The stitches just dissolved when they had done their job. I had a couple in my tummy button and only 3 in my bikini line. I can't even see the scars now. I did bleed a little afterward the op and had some period type aching but nothing like my normal periods were at that time! Like N-9 I also found the gas pain the most uncomfortable but I found that drinking Peppermint tea did wonders for that. I stayed upstairs in bed through choice for a couple of days (was a good excuse not do anything and be waited on!). I had some bruising on my tummy but that soon went. I had 5 days off work to recover, that's all. You will be fine I am sure. XXXXXXX


Hi Ariel_1, for me my lap was the best thing ever for me. I bled lightly for a week but this started 3 days post op no cramps. All my pain from bowel movements has gone. I would recomend getting lactolose for post op to keep things regular after your op. I had a 6cm cyst and endo removed. I have had one period since I still feel a little sore but no cramps. Pain from sex has gone too. Make sure you have lots of comfy clothes with wide waist bands or dresses. Ive not taken any pain killers since 3 days post op. I spent 2 weeks doing nothing which I think helped as you have to give your body time to heal. I was struggling with my energy before the op and now Im back to my bouncy self with bags of energy. Good luck. X


Don't worry, I had a lap last week and it's not as bad as I thought it would Be. The cuts are tiny, one stitch in each, one in your belly button and one near your pubic bone. I only bleed a tiny bit after. I kept on top of the codine they gave me and slept most of the time for two days. The effects of the gas is a little uncomfortable for a day or two but passes. I'm just a little tender now. I sadly didn't get any answers from it as they couldn't find any endo as predicted. Good luck, hope everything goes well X


Hello Hun

Il try and answer your questions when i have my periods i faint aswel and i feel weak/dizzy everyday period or no period. you will go in for surgery its scary at first but they give you the anesthetic and it sends you out the next thing you know you wake up. I wont lie it is sore and you do have some bleeding and when you wake up you will have sort of a "high" feeling but dont worry the stitches are just uncomfy for example getting dressed wont be so easy and the gas in your stomach makes you feel weird, i was given some peppermint for the gas because i was having pains in my shoulders i also recommend you take a little cushion/pillow to hold by your stomach on the journey home as it can be sore and some cough sweets to because your throat might be sore. Ive had two laparoscopies.

incision scars im worried about do they leave permenant marks? Yes they do leave scars, I used to have a "outy" belly button i now have an inny since the laparoscopies and i do have a 1-2 inch scar from my belly button but it always looks worse than it is at first over time it fades out.

and do they hurt very much and how long for? just uncomfy for a little while but you will get through it.

Im so nervous about this and am praying that it helps me and y very painful periods has anyone had the laparoscopy where it ACTUALLY HELPS PAIN???? sorry to say but i haven't it made me feel a lot worse and i wish i never had it but everyones different im just saying my opinion of my laparoscopy and being honest but i have endometriosis/ adenomyosis and polycystic ovaries so dont go by my situation.

i dont read any stories of it helping pain much??? me neither i guess you just have to try everything whats right for you might be wrong for another

I wish you lots of luck and hope you have a fast pain free recovery

Happy Christmas


i forgot the add when i had my 2nd laparoscopy the pain faded away a lot for 6 months but returned with revenge.


I had my 2nd lap at d end of November. I'm just in d middle of my first period since and while it's not been completely pain free it's a huge improvement. The pain killers actually helped!!

Prior to my lap i was in constant pain all the time despite being on d pill.

After my lap i bled very lightly every day for 3weeks. But it's bleeding caused by them moving your womb around to find endo not a proper period so it doesn't hurt.

You'll be grand. After d op you'll be more uncomfortable then sore. Take it easy afterwards but do have a small walk outside everyday from day 2 or 3 post op. I have a small dog so brought her out after her big walk so wen she stopped to pee i got to stop. Felt less silly that way.

I was terrified before my first lap in Jan as I'd never been in hospital before. Let them know how scared u are. It's normal going into the unknown but u'll be looked after well. Good luck for Feb


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