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Hi all I would just like to give an update on my health and to maybe help others in a similar situation.. I was clinically diagnosed with Endo in 2009 and since then we're left to it no follow up ext.. then in mid 2016 I lost 3 of my grandparents in just 5 week.. I had a coil replacement in late 2016 and the pain were hurrendous!! Contraction like pain never went away.. they did all the necessary tests and concluded the pain wasn't due to this.. because I have a lot of other symptoms I then we're sent off for a colonoscopy which came back clear not even ibs.. then a laparoscopy thinking it was the Endo.. they pulled out 3 growths but after testing revealed I haven't actually got Endo!! I then had a CT scan that revealed I have two shadows on my liver and my gallbladder has eodema.. apparently this is a separate issue though.. then diagnosed with Gilberts disease and b12 defitiency ..I have since been referred to a pain clinic who are on the last test before diagnosing fibromyalgia.. it is so worth while for a lot of you to look in to this even as a secondary diagnosis as reading some of your symptoms they are very similar.. here is a list of some of my symptoms ..intense like contractions..sharps in almost every part of my body.. aching body.. ibs symptoms.. brain fogs.. weakness.. exhaustion.. just to name a few..I am now unable to work or live a normal life anymore I have been referred on to many specialist who can try and help me come to terms with this diagnosis but ultimately after thinking i do not have a life long condition.. turns out I have.. I hope this helps some way and gives food for thought with people suffering with similar things xxxx

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I agree, I have a appointment next month to see Rheumatology as my GP suspects fibro on top of endo. All the same symptoms as you mention with others. -.- next life I want to be fit as a fiddle.

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Haha ye me too.. just been in tears over thinking back how healthy I was.. it's an upsetting feeling knowing that it's not going to go away.. there is another social site like this for people with fibromyalgia it's been great for me being newly diagnosed see if u can check that out it may help you too.. I hope you get some answers soon it's a long wait isn't it before u actually know for certain what's happening to your body.. I'm still not fully there.. I'm close to that as a diagnosis I'm just waiting on an MRI on my back to confirm all is ok then it will he fibro.. it links to big emotional traumas.. which is definitely true for me.. there's another good link I found through the gluten free society which were stating that a lot of ppl are wrongly diagnosed with fibro.. there are certain aspects of peoples life that match so well in fibromyalgia.. I'm not great at explaining lol so worth looking into though.. xx

Thanks for posting.

I am suffering from something similar. I don't get contractions but do have joint pains. My gp says she doesn't care about the cause and I just need a physio and cbt treatment via pain clinic, so I havent been referred to rheumatology as my blood cam back fine,though another gp did refer me to the cfs team. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is as it says cfs can suffer pain too.

And big hugs about being in tears about how healthy you used to be. I am so going through that feeling atm.

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It's awful isn't it.. yes I have joint pain too cant move my hands sometimes they seem to seize up.. but again all tests normal.. and so I was reffered to the pain clinic who in turn r half way to diagnosing fibromyalgia.. I haven't been on here a lot and in my feed I can see me and u have had convos in the past.. nice to hear from you again.. hope u have a pain free night.. lots of hugs xxx

The other social site for fibromyalgia sufferers is called my fibro team.. it's really good.. xxxx

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