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In the worse pain ever 😫


Last 5 days or so I’ve been in agony but today has been the worse. I’m constantly tired, bloated and the pain has travelled to my hips and back as well as my lower stomach. It hurts to go to the bathroom so badly 😫

It ranges from a cramp feeling to a dull ache or a sudden sharp pain and nausea. Even touching my lower stomach makes me wince a bit.

It’s getting to me emotionally as well as physically but I’m like getting angry easily and everything people do annoys me. Even my best friend and boyfriend are doing my heading.

I’ve tried painkillers and heat pads but nothing works 😫 wish it would all go away

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Oh hun ,I’m sorry you are in pain.

I would contact your GP tomorrow and see what painkillers they can give you; whilst I awaited my second laparoscopy my GP prescribed co-codamol to ease the pain( it grow back apparently I’m prone to it recurring)

I know it’s not a solution but if they can give you something that relieves the pain at least you’ll be more comfortable whilst you await your laparoscopy.

Hope it eases soon endometriosis pain is deliberating. xoxo

princessk09 in reply to jess1981

I’ve tried like so many painkillers including a high dosage of codeine and it had no effect xx

Now you’ve got a surgery in the works, your gp might be more willing to prescribe meds x

princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

I don’t know what else to try medication wise as I’ve tried a lot xx

cmbxm in reply to princessk09

Tramadol is the only thing keeping me sane and when it’s bad enough I need oramorph, both are highly addictive and your gp might be hesitant to prescribe, but always worth an ask, especially for the tramadol x

princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

I’ve tried tramadol and it didn’t help xx

cmbxm in reply to princessk09

The only other thing I can suggest is meptazinol, they gave that to me when I was admitted, can have some gnarly side effects though x


Maybe some peppermint capsules or something to shift some of the wind, might release some of the pain? x

I'm in the US, in a medical mariJuana state, and if I am not mistaken in the UK it is not legal? I mention and ask this because I take pain killers, stronger than what you all get in the UK, I believe, however I have bad back and leg problems, anyhow taking cbd with thc mmj candies has helped a good deal. See as we all know most pain killers cause constipation. I feel that region slow down very quickly upon dosing. Mmj has zero constipation side effects. When I have taken it in conjunction with my opioid script I catch up bowel wise and I can sometimes halve the opioid with the mmj. Win win all around, right?!

All the Endo experts I have spoken to, in the GI, Gyn and PT world all make it clear that the easier bm flow you can have is one of the best coping mechanism's for Endo. So obviously diet it pertinent.

I go on about all this as I have found myself in your shoes, in this kind of episode where I end up in the ER (A&R, here in England, right? :) and half the time it was because I had an awful food poisoning episode that jarred up my abdomen and back something fierce or I found out eating certain things brought on such issues, simply as too much popcorn and raw carrots. Google get that stuff often brings you to an IBS site, but IBS and Endo symptoms can be very similar or these things can trigger each. When I feel myself getting into a place like this, early on, I start working in a low residue diet. Extra liquids, more water, more aloe coconut water (this combo is REALLY helpful for aoft, smooth bm) and protein shakes and liquid or easy to digest soups. And making sure to spread it out, no big huge meal to create obstruction like feelings.

Next, it takes the right doctor, caring, curious helpful kind, willing to dig in to get to the bottom of it. Like finding a mate you may need to go thru and hire and fire several docs to find the one. It takes the two of you to make progress, imho. We patients have to become our own advocates and experts of our bodies to work as a team with them to find a solution. Going into a doctors appt, should include questions and reference pages in my medical notepad to quickly find timeline of milestones, onset of symptoms, surgeries, post surgery diary notes, meds tried, pt etc. Because docs have liittle time and sadly too often don't even look thoroughly into your medical records so its like you need to have them memorized, lol. Or that is what I have come up with after 15 long years dealing with this.

I do hope the episode has subsided,


I must agree with you! Cannabis has helped me more than any other medicine and it is natural! Yes unfortunately here in the U.K. is illegall but the pain for endo should be illegal!!!! I have tried all sort of medicines nothing worked! Tramadol was the only one but then again it knocked me out straight away I couldn’t have a life at all I was in bed almost everyday but just a couple of months ago before my surgery a friend of mine suggested to try cannabis! I investigated and decided to give it a go, it works wonders! Now I drink cannabis tea as soon as I feel the pain is about to strike! And I couldn’t be happier it is a a success! I have suffered for far too long with endo pain and probably isn’t ok to drink it whilst it is illegal but I have no Other option and it is MEDICAL USE ONLY, also there is CBD oil available in Holland and Barret I have bought it it is quite good as well the only thing is that it tastes pretty disgusting. But going back to your comment I think it is time for the pharmaceutical empire to re consider cannabis and put it in the market as a medicinal option.

Hey PaoPetite,

Ooooh tell me about cannabis tea, please?! I have made my own edibles. They were okay, I find CBD the most beneficial, with some thc, for chronic pain. I buy them at a dispensary, as we hear CBD is a difficult strain to grow and low yield, hence it's high price vs the others. Anyhow, do you have any links to how to make your own tea? Do you simply just add drops from a tincture to a cuppa?

In the Eastern medicine world drinking warm and hot fluids is very important to chi. And we are short on Chi with these issues, stagnant blood creating low Chi. Also something about cold foods/drinks strain the spleen? Anyhow, have you looked into TCM? I have positive experience with Acupuncture and especially herbs. Honestly, the Acu sometimes made me feel worse, but that honestly makes sense....churning up and releasing toxins.

Hi Ouchiegruchie :)

I put some drops under my tongue (CBD Oil) but the tea a make with cannabis itself, I use it together with minnt or cinnamon it is so simple to make. I boil it all together for 30 mins in low heat, unfortunately as you know cannabis is prohibited in the U.K. and I buy it from a friend I don’t even ask where he gets it from as I don’t really want to know .... as I said this is medical use only... I use a very small portion of the herb 🌿 and do it as any other tea making ... so simple and absolutely amazing for pain relieve... 😊

Huh, you just boil it in water? I am surprised you can get the effects that way. I always thought you needed to simmer/boil in a fat to extract onto, like butter or oil. Hopefully it will be legal there soon, it should be!

I know it supposed to be with some kind of oil to get the extract, but I tried it without it as I don’t think it would be nice tasting with butter, it miraculously worked! You should try it is actually amazing it relaxes me so much and I don’t even have any side effects this plant is just great! But you know what is like some people just use it to abuse it and this should be strictly used for medical reason only I believe 🙄

Hugs from London! 🤗

Wow, that's great it works that way, just water! I have made it many times with butter and whole milk, and pairs nicely with coffee. Pot Latte if yoy will. :D

Add a teaspoon of sugar to the coffee or espresso, or to hot cocoa mix and it is great!

Yes, I agree it is not for everyone, just like alcohol isn't. Mixing them is usually not a good idea either unless it's at low doses of each, or so my experience and observation.

When I meet a new doctor and we discuss symptoms and then pain management most ask if mmj has been tried. So many are coming around, but they really can't say anything unless it's legal. At least here in the states everybody is always so worried of liability. Medical insurance is God in these here parts $ :(

Thank you and hugs from the San Francisco Bay Area to you! XOXO

Oh no darling I am so so sorry to hear that... I think you me and all endometriosis suffers know what your are going trough! I really don’t know what to tell you because nothing absolutely nothing gets rid off the pain :(.. have you tried cold packs instead? That helped the bloating a little bit... and as I previously mentioned in another comment I bought cannabis oil in Holland and barrret I discovered it after 2 years of constant pain! I even lost my job because of endo... anyway going back to what I was saying cannabis oil and tea and was the only thing that have helped me easing up the pain. Best of luck Hun xxxx

I too had to quit my career....very difficult to do, in my prime, decent money etc. I had no choice. I've also degenerative back problems and a right leg issue, which I use a cane for on and off.

Years ago when I have heard "be thankful, you never know what can happen" it's this life, this kind, the robbery of our old lives, is what I believe they were talking about. In my naivete and arrogance I thought no, not me. But like just diseases like cancer - they pick a-n-y-b-o-d-y, right?!

I am sorry you had to quit your job. I hope you can go back to it or something else in time. You sound like you are doing your best.

Xoxo to all the gals out there rea ding this and suffering. It's bloody he'll some days but once in a while we get good ones or a few hours a day of normalcy. We just need to work towards attaining and appreciating them.

Hugs from California,


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