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Hi - I’ve recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis, I had a laparoscopy in Jan and I’m about to start a trial of Zoladex injections to stop my hormones.

Reading about the injections and side effects is quite daunting - has anyone had good/bad experiences with Zoladex? I would really like to hear about it and any advice you have pre starting it.

Thank you xx

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I have had 3 courses in the past of zoladex. The first time this really worked for me, stopping my period and the pain. The side effects I had were hot flushes! The first time I had one I was sat on a bus! It’s was really weird! I would recommend you have the injections, my last course didn’t work for me so I wouldn’t have them again. I hope they work for you. Good luck 😊

I had Zoladex injections recently. They stopped all pain. Be prepared for a heavy , longish bleed at the start - some people don’t get this but I did. The first three injections were fine. Hot flushes at night started almost immediately but no other horrible symptoms apart from some knee pain. I then had to continue for another 2 months. This was when the joint pain became quite bad especially in my hands and I have definitely become more forgetful. All in all it’s been manageable but I wouldn’t have wanted to go on much longer on them. Ive now been referred for a hysterectomy and I’m waiting for the effects to wear off! You can have add back HRT if the effects become unbearable. The actual injections were really painful for a few seconds, but then settled really quickly. Make sure the person giving them has done them before as this made a massive difference to the discomfort level in my experience!

I had Zoledex and it stopped my periods immediately but I had hot flushes, palpitations, was very sick (although this was only in the first 6 weeks) in general it was worth it, after the 6 month course I was much better for about 3 months , my periods still weren’t regular but the pain was vastly improved then gradually my body reverted to pain, heavy periods, flooding. I eventually had a coil which after a couple of months did the trick.

I think it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different you may not get any of the side effects or all of them and it may or may not work. I would definitely recommend (if you’ve not already done it) to look at foods with natural oestrogen and consider cutting them out and reintroducing them over weeks to see if any effect your symptoms. I found this very useful.

Good luck 🍀


I've not had zoladex but I give it to patients for other illnesses where I work. Most people report hot flushes or night sweats but that should settle down after a couple of weeks. As it's sort of like an implant under the skin, the injection site can be a bit tender afterwards but just uncomfortable and not necessarily painful. That also goes away after a day or two.

I really hope it works for you, loads of people on here have said how it has helped them.

Wishing you the best of luck and hope you feel better soon xx

Hey hunny, just thought I would let you know my experience. Similar to the ladies above. I had come around from surgery and a nurse came over to me and said I will be taking zoldex. She didn't give me any indication of the side effects or even give me time to research. I had them for 6 months. They stopped my period. I became moody, forgetful my brain to this day remains foggy. Sorry if this might not be what you want to hear. X

AuroraS_90 in reply to NDE1987

This is exactly how I feel. I’ve just had my fourth injection and I feel like I’m going crazy. I’m extremely forgetful and my mood swings are awful. Did you find anything that helped x

NDE1987 in reply to AuroraS_90

No sorry hun, I was better when I was off them. I had such bad mood swings x

hi Hun. I had zoladex and it was the worse thing i done. Some people have a smooth ride on it but I didn’t. I bleed right the way through it, I had unreal pain that made me literally sick and was absolutely evil.. I felt terrible. I didn’t end up doing the full course as I was admitted into hospital half way through it and the surgeon said it wasn’t working for me and it had to be stopped.

Good luck with everything and I have everything crossed for you xx

I’m due to have my 3rd injection. I’ve already had a hysterectomy but I kept my ovaries. They were still causing me pain so I’ve tried zoladex to see if that work. I’ve not had many problems but I’ve been ill with flu type symptoms for 3 weeks. It turns out that o should have been given livial to counteract the side effects and that the zoladex has weakened my immune system.

Hiya, I was diagnosed with severe endo and adenomyosis during a lap in November and currently going through monthly Zoladex injections in preparation for my next surgery and was similar to you in that I found some of the stories of people's experience of the drug quite daunting/worrying.

I'm coming up to my third of 4 shots and have to say it hasn't been anything like I was expecting, the injection itself is a little sore but nothing major and overall I actually think it's improved my quality of life. I don't get the same ripping pain or pressure type pain as before and I haven't had any pain going to the loo (sorry if tmi but I have endo on my bowel and bladder) since about the 2nd week after the first shot.

In terms of side effects, I've had a few hot flushes, some headaches and some seriously moody days but nothing like I'd imagined or read about. As I said in a previous post, although I was really wary to start the injections I figured I really had nothing to lose and am actually glad so far I did go through with them.

I hope whichever way you choose to go this helps a bit and your symptoms improve soon! :)

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