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Zoladex substitute

Hi there. I had my first injection of Zoladex 2 weeks ago and was given instructions to have my next injections with my GP. I called up today to make the appointment and had to speak to my GP to arrange - she said they would give me a different injection that was similar to Zoladex but could be given in my bottom by the nurse instead of having to wait for a doctors appointment. She wouldn't tell me what it was called. Can they just change to me a different injection when the consultant has requested Zoladex? I'm confused!

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She has probably talking about decapeptyl which is very very similar and slightly cheaper than zoladex. Zoladex/decapeptyl/prostap/lupron are virtually the same drug with a different brand name. I found it really helped me. I hope you get some relief from the pain too x

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Thanks for replying. That has made me feel better about it. Hope you're feeling well at the moment. X


That's ok. I've been on it twice and I've not long come off of it. I'd stay on it longer as it really helps me with the pain and now it's coming back. I can't stay on it longer as I'm hoping to start IVF soon x


They should tell you the name of the drug they are intending on injecting in you. How are you supposed to make an informed decision if they don't?? All medical professionals (and anyone with any common sense) would advise you against putting any drug in your body without knowing what it is and what the possible side effects could be so just because they are medical professionals it doesn't mean you don't need to know this information!

Sadly the God-like attitude they are clearly portraying does not surprise me 😓.

Demand they tell you the name as it is your right to know so you can make an informed decision.

Best wishes, x


Thank you ladies. I'm going up to the hospital this afternoon for my MRI scan so will have a chat with my consultant while I'm up there to see if it's ok.

Good luck with your IVF IggiePiggie - will be thinking of you. X


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