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Do I have Endo?



I’d appreciate thoughts on whether my case sounds like Endo please. I’m 48 and have an 11 year old daughter.

A few weeks ago I had severe lower ab pain, ended up seeing the Gynae day care, couple of scans later I was told I had 1 cyst on each ovary; one of which was big enough to need removing. I was told to control pain with co-codamol and ibuprofen and an urgent MRI would be requested.

The painkillers made me severely constipated, a week of pain followed. I believe that the constipation pain then masked the initial ab pain.

Saw a Senior Registrar and Consultant within couple of weeks - they said poss Endo. By now all pain has disappeared. MRI comes back clear and message I receive is that it’s Endo. Seeing consultant again 1st May.

However, I have never had painful periods, don’t have pain when I have sex, have a child, am almost 50 and just one episode of ab pain - does it sound like Endo?

Thank you - sorry it’s long ☺️

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Just wondering whether there is any advice? Thanks.

Some people have endo and no symptoms but I think the main signs of endo are painful heavy periods and painful sex, constant pelvic pain etc.

I’m still waiting to be diagnosed via a lap but an endo specialist thinks I have it and I have a full list of symptoms that’s been going on for about 4 years and gets worse every month.

I don’t think it’s endo you have, the pain was probably just caused by the cysts bursting maybe or a side effect of the painkillers xx

Felltj in reply to princessk09

Thanks princessk09 - everything I have been reading is as you say, but some research indicates that some people have been diagnosed without having the main symptoms - not often, but has happened.

The initial pain was before I'd had any painkillers, the painkillers just made it worse! Once the constipation had gone - there was little pain and now none. Although I do sometimes have a strange pain in my sides - I think I've becoming paranoid!

I have a consultants appointment now on 1st May, so I'll find out from there what the next steps are.

I hope the date for your lap comes through soon and you get some answers and relief from your symptoms.

Thanks for your reply xx

Sometimes you can have a great deal if endometriosis spread around different areas, and not know a thing, not feel any pain. But then some people can have a few spots of endo and there in the worst pain imaginable, and vice verser. Some people have no problem conceiving with endo, but some people do. It’s such a strange and complicated disease! I got diagnosed at 19 and I’m 22, has been getting symptoms since I was 13. And i still struggle to get my head around how all of this works lol .. so yes I’d say you could still be looking at the possibility that it is endometriosis. I wish you the best of luck, and if you ever need someone to chat to, my messages are always open xxxxxxx

Felltj in reply to pixie95

Hi pixie95, yes I have been doing some research and can see that there are cases of people being diagnosed having had no pain and also that the amount of endo is not always reflective on the pain felt - it really is a very strange and unfair disease!

It must be hard having that much pain from such a young age, as I said I have never had painful periods but the pain I felt a few weeks ago was awful and reading people's stories on here - I can't imagine feeling that for days, weeks, months and years; my heart goes out to you and the other lovely ladies.

I have a Consultants appointment on 1st May, so I will talk it through with them and understand what the next steps are for me.

Thank you for your reply xx

pixie95 in reply to Felltj

Good luck at you consultation! Xxxxxxx

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