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Mirena Coil


I had the mirena coil inserted 7 months ago, the first 2 months after insertion I bled constantly but then over a weekend it seemed to stop abruptly. I've not had any bleeding since. However over the last week I have had cramps that are so bad they have made me want to vomit and I've had brown discharge that has turned to bright red blood over the last 48 hours. I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this? I've read on some other forums that it's not normal. The cramps I can deal with as I had the mirena to help aid my endometriosis cramps that came on with my period, I'm just concerned about the bleeding and wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I'm aware it is early days as I have only had it in for 7 months, I just wanted to check.

Thankyou!! x

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This sounds like it could be breakthrough bleeding which can happen with Mirena but if you are concerned please see your GP xxx

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