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I'm back

I took a little time away from all things social media, just to try and get a break. In this time I've been in hospital several times and also seen my gynaecologist after about six months spent on a waiting list. This didn't go so well. It left with me in tears, and spending the next two days in bed not wanting to talk to anyone. All she kept talking about was the coil, which I made very clear I didn't want for various personal reasons. My own GP has even advised against this at my age. She said they could put it in whilst I was under anaesthetic, which again I said I didn't want. She got a bit arsey then and said that I had to go on more tablets - which I'd already been on and got took off as they made me ill - and to go back if I needed. I spent four weeks on tablets and as a result of this, lost my job due to how ill they made me. I rang the secretary, and she said that I can't get in for another two months as my gynaecologist has taken a month off until the end of March. Long story short I'm currently on hold trying to get an appointment as soon as possible because I can't move and I feel like I've put on about six stone.

But I'm back, and will be posting more - although I'm sure I wasn't missed!! :)


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aww..bless u..the thingswe have to go through eh... my advice keep bugging and begging till u get n appointment...atleast for april n not 2 months away...

are you seeing a gynae thats at a BSGE accredited centre..if not go to ur GP and get referred as soon as...

btw just wanted to ask..how old are you...i feel the same about the coil and i know it might be boughtup and mentioned as an option for me in the end...


It really sucks.

I'm seeing the surgeon who did my first operation, who was referred to me by my original gynae.

I'm 18. The thought of it physically makes me sick and so uncomfortable - my GP even said no to it as it'd be too traumatic for me at my age.

Hope everything gets sorted for you!


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