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flare up 2 weeks after lap?

I only had my lap done just over 2 weeks ago and recently ive started to get my usual "flare" symptoms back. prior to surgery I was in a 3 month long flare, I have felt relatively normal since the lap over than the usual recovery pains etc. I'm just curious as to whether the end has perhaps grew back already?:( I'm so poorly, with the chronic pain, body aches and feeling sick constantly. exactly how I felt before :( thank you x

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You're still recovering! You've been put under, cut, inflated, poked, prodded, had all your abdomen moved around, stuff removed, cut out, bled lots, had fluid IV so you'll still feel odd; you've done well recovering from that :)

So why doesn't it feel like it's gone? I was lucky enough to have a specialist that explained the same worry I had; our body can't tell the difference between endo pain and removal of endo, it just knows there is pain in the same place. We associate it with endo therefore we think it hasn't gone. Because the pain is in the same place it triggers the same reactions in your body and so you worry it's come back. it makes sense - once I had it explained to me.

If you've had a lap and they've removed endo, then rest assured they removed what they could see as best as they could, what you'll be feeling is all the irritated tissue screaming out in pain as it repairs itself.

Give yourself some time to get your normal cycles back, you should feel better in a month, and you'll start to get an idea of what your cycle feels like. You may still have some endo that isn't visible (even the smallest bits can sometimes cause symptoms), keep a diary and record how you feel during the month, mark your pain, periods, etc, it'll help you see what's going on. It can take up to four months to be completely recovered from the op, that's how big a procedure it is.


3 years ago I had 5 laps all within a year and a half because everything they done just wasn’t helping.

After most of them I found my symptoms a lot worse!!

Hope you feel well soon x

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The first time I ovulated after my lap was horrendous, worse than any endo flares. Give yourself time to heal, just because the surgery is "minimally invasive" it is still surgery which your body needs to heal from.

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