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consultation tomorrow, feel like a fraud

my private consultation with a gynae tomorrow who specialises in endo has me feeling like a fraud. I suddenly feel like I've made it all up in my head, particularly as the pain is only really bad around my period, and I just get random twinges/aches through the month apart from that. :(

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you haven't even seen him yet, so stop doubting yourself!

If you have time before you see him, draft out a month view diary, and put on it how you feel, when your period is (what days are heavy and which are light etc) add in when you have pain, where and a scale (make up your own). This will help him have a overall picture.

You've got this far so there must be something motivating you even if it's to find why you have pain - so focus on that :)

I felt the same when I went for my first private appointment - but the specialist was really nice, and listened, looked at my monthly planner. I took my partner because he wanted to be there with me and I had pain during and after sex so naturally he wanted to know what was wrong too.

If you're worried you won't say much then perhaps have what you want to say written down - including any questions you want to ask.

I have a great book that basically says; "steer clear of any doctors that are quick to suggest the pill or hysterectomy (they don't want to take time to find out what's wrong) - politely finish up the consultation and leave" - Living Well with Endometriosis (what the doctor doesn't tell you, that you need to know) it's been a real eye opener, and has stories from women.


thank you xx it's the two clear ultrasounds plus the severe period pain that is making me want to get answers...but I've read a lot about endo (As I like to take control/inform myself about these things) that I'm now thinking it's all in my head lol! xx


The period pain is not in your head, that's there, it's real!

Focus on wanting answers, use that as your motivation :)

Just be patient, they don't always find something straight away, it can take more tests, and sometimes it's not something that is visible, it could be the nervous system and that can take longer to investigate. It's always good to ask "what next.." to the doctor even before you have those investigations, they should have a list of things they'd like to look at, in a particular order, so after this lot, he may have more ideas.


thank you xx my last ultrasound was internal, and on the first day of my period...I had really bad pain that night (worse than usual!) and nothing could help pain killer wise so it's almost like that had upset some patches of endo haha....


I know how you feel. I'm getting my laparoscopy in 2 days and I'm over thinking it to the point I wonder if I just have a low pain threshold, or am imagining the pain, despite my periods getting worse and worse. I just tell myself that this is a procedure to rule out Endo instead of diagnosing Endo. That way It's not as big of a blow of I don't have it and have to start all over again to find the root cause of my pain. I think its good that you're seeing a specialist. If you're having suspicions about your health, you should follow that! Good luck!


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