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Post Lap Bloating and Pain?

It's been just over 4 weeks since my Lap. Overall I've been feeling good and even hit the gym (gently) last week a few times. However, the last few days I've been experiencing terrible bloating and achey pain across my tummy and to one side. Mostly it's the bloating that's getting to me!

Has anyone else experienced this? What helped relieve it for you?

Looking at my cycle App, I am around/just after the ovulation period. Could this be the cause of the bloating? First ovulation period after the Lap?

Thankfully the snowy weather has given me the excuse to work from home so I can bum around in comfy clothes, rather than struggle into "normal clothes"!

Any advice welcome!

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Hey! I’m 1,5 weeks past my lap and am still feeling terrible. They originally only gave me 3 days of sick-leave, I work in a physical job and by no way could i go back yet! The bloating is bad, and actually i STILL have gas inside, which should’ve gotten out after the first few days. This really sucks.

I think you are on the right track though - first ovulation triggers the same spots that have been messed with, so surely you will get some bloating. I hope it goes past fast :)


Sorry to hear you're not feeling great still! They were a bit mean about the sick cert when I was in for the Lap too. Thankfully my other half was more with it and demanded I get a certificate for a week at least!

I found peppermint oil capsules really good for the gas. You can get them in any pharmacy - or amazon. Unfortunately they don't seem to be doing much for me at the moment.

Given the pain is on the same side of the bad Endo ovary I can only presume it's that. I honestly look like I'm about 4 months pregnant my belly is so big!

It seems the length of recovery time is really underestimated.

Get better soon!

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